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Pinterest is a great social media site for getting traffic to your website. Whether you are targeting emails or leads, you can get many benefits from the platform, as it’s both a  social media platform and a search engine.

For the best results on Pinterest, you need to have followers. But what do you do if you keep posting content but aren’t getting enough followers? One of the best solutions is to buy Pinterest followers. If you get genuine followers with active accounts, they can grow your Pinterest account organically.

Reasons to Buy Pinterest Followers

Is buying Pinterest followers a good decision? Here are some great reasons to consider buying:

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Whenever you post content on Pinterest, your followers are the first to see it.  Therefore, when you buy followers, you get a ready audience, putting you ahead of your competition.

Social Influence

One of the key factors that companies and brands look for when searching for influencers is the number of followers. To become a social media influencer, you must have many followers.

More Traffic to Your Site

Top 5 Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers That Stay Forever 2

When you have thousands of followers engaging and interacting with your posts, some of them will visit your site.

Our Review of The Top 5 Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers

With so many sites selling bot followers, you need to be careful with where you buy Pinterest followers. If you buy from scam sites, this will pose a risk to your Pinterest account.  For the best results, here are our top recommendations:


Since 2017, SociaWick has made a good reputation for delivering high-quality followers who interact with your Pinterest account.  In the years that the site has been in operation, they have sold 314 million followers but still have a 5-star rating. Despite selling followers with active accounts, SocialWick has affordable prices. You can buy ten followers for $0.22, making it one of the most affordable services in the market today.

Buying followers on SocialWick is completely safe and secure. They do not need your password to process your transactions. Besides, they keep all transactions discreet and confidential. The site starts processing your order immediately after you make payment. However, they deliver the followers in a drip-like style.


  • High-quality followers
  • Good customer service
  • Followers stay forever
  • Safe and secure site


  • No free trial period

Top 5 Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers That Stay Forever 4

The followers from SocialWick do not drop. However, the site still offers a refill guarantee for peace of mind. All the followers from the site are from international sources, but you can order from your preferred country. To try out their services, you can visit their site.


Buying bot followers can harm your Pinterest account. One of the reasons why we recommend SubscriberZ is because they sell followers who are real people with active accounts. Besides, they deliver the followers naturally, preventing any risk to your account.

The site is completely safe to order from as it’s secured using SSL technology. You do not need to enter a password to buy followers. Instead, you only need to indicate the number of followers you need, your email address, and the link to your account. You will have your followers delivered to you within a few minutes.


  • High-quality followers
  • 24/7 customer service
  • A refill guarantee
  • Great follower retention rate


  • The site isn’t user-friendly

SubscriberZ uses a combination of high-tech tools and its large network of social media users to deliver followers who can interact with your posts. The site will deliver followers quickly without posing any risk to your account. To get started on the site, you should visit


Another site best suited for providing engagement on your Pinterest posts is SocialGreg. The site does this by selling good quality followers that stay forever at an affordable price. The followers from the site are real Pinterest users who will actively comment on your images and repin them.

Top 5 Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers That Stay Forever 6

Besides, the site has an easy-to-order process where no password is needed. All you have to do is enter the number of followers you need, make payment, and wait for your followers. The delivery is considerably fast but depends on the number of followers you are buying. The site delivers followers in a drip-like style.

SocialGreg has sold over 144 million followers, making it one of the market leaders in the industry. All their followers are from international sources such as the U.S., UK, and Germany, but you can custom-make your order to meet your needs. Besides, the


  • High-quality followers
  • Followers stay forever
  • Free refill guarantee
  • No password needed


  • Hard to find the Pinterest icon on their site

All SocialGreg followers are designed to look like real Pinterest users, complete with a profile picture and bios. You can buy as low as ten followers or as high as 100K followers. To try out their packages, you can visit

Top 5 Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers That Stay Forever 7

Media Mister

Media Mister has been selling social media followers since 2012, making them a popular place to buy from. The site uses high-quality bots designed to look like real Pinterest followers. However, from our research, the followers from the site lack important details such as profile photos or bios.

Media Mister has good customer service that responds to customer issues within 24 hours. The site is safe to order from and doesn’t require entering a password. It’s also easy to navigate and find the service you are searching for. The services are affordable and within the range of other sites in our review.


  • Good customer service
  • Fast delivery of followers
  • Safe and secure site


  • Followers left by bots
  • Low retention rate

Since the followers from Media Mister are left by bots, they have a low retention rate. Bot followers unfollow or get deleted by Pinterest, leading to a drop in numbers. Therefore, you should be aware of this before ordering.

Audience Gain

Audience Gain is a site that focuses on selling many followers. The site allows you to buy up to 500K followers with a delivery time of between one and 60 days. This is a long waiting period, especially when you need followers fast. While it delivers bot followers, the site offers no retention guarantee.

Top 5 Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers That Stay Forever 8

Audience Gain has good customer service as they respond within 48 hours. However, this is longer than the 24 hours in which sites like SocialWick and SubscriberZ respond. The site is safe to order from as it’s secured with SSL technology to keep your data safe. No password is required to purchase from them.


  • Good customer service
  • Safe site to order from


  • Low-quality followers
  • Followers left by bots

The followers from Audience Gain are left by bots, making them unreliable for growing your Pinterest account. These have poorly written or missing bios and leave generic comments. Therefore, consider the top three options.

FAQs on Top 5 Sites to Buy Pinterest Followers

Some of the questions that people regularly ask on buying Pinterest followers are:

Is it safe to buy Pinterest followers?

Yes. But only if you buy from genuine sites that promote your account to people in your network.

How can I get 1K Pinterest followers fast?

The easiest way of getting 1K Pinterest followers is by buying on reputable sites such as  SocialWick.

Where can I buy Pinterest followers cheap?

If you are searching for an affordable place to buy Pinterest followers, we recommend Social Wick.

Final Thought

Pinterest is one of the most visited sites in the world, and it makes sense to increase your presence on the social media platform. If you are struggling to get started on this platform, we recommend buying followers.

However, some sites sell bot followers that will pose a risk to your account if you need real followers who will comment on your posts and repin your images, consider buying from SocialWick, SubscriberZ, and SocialGreg.

These sites have a network of Pinterest users who get rewards for following your posts. Therefore, they are completely safe to order from.

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