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Growing up overweight can have strong emotional consequences. The experience of rejection, discrimination and harassment often create complexes and undermine self-esteem. However, there are those who leave all that behind and manage to start new lives. Here are 5 stories of who have successfully lost weight.

Paul Giamatti Weight Loss Journey

Paul Giamatti Weight Loss ; Paul Giamatti stars as US Attorney Chuck Rhoades in the Showtime drama series ‘Billions.’ Rhoades is on a mission to topple hedge fund manager and 9/11 survivor Bobby Ax Axelrod, who has amassed obscene amounts of wealth using not-so-legal means.

The series revolves around the game of cat and mouse between the two, which eventually takes over their lives and begins to affect the people around them. After a 16-month break, the series returned in September 2021 to continue its fifth run. And people can’t help but notice how different Giamatti looks. If you’re wondering the same thing, we’re happy to share what we know with you.

Simone Anderson’s Weight Loss Story

Simone Anderson is a 27-year-old woman living in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2014 she decided to change her body and in just 20 months she managed to lose weight and lose 88 kilos. Simone underwent gastric sleeve surgery that reduced her stomach by 15%, a tummy tuck, and breast lifts. She is also on a diet, exercises and 88 weeks of a lot of effort and discipline. The result is amazing.

It’s also amazing that she documented the entire process on Instagram. Since day 1. She herself explains that using this platform helped her to commit seriously. She quickly gained a following and soon after she began a spate of negative, suspicious comments from people calling her dishonest. “The truth is that it was very difficult to deal with the malicious comments because I did not expect them (…) There were many that really hurt me,” said Simone Anderson.

However many other fans were inspired by Simone’s story. Week after week they witnessed her transformation and some also decided to lose weight. A community of people has sprung up around Simone who still share her experiences with being overweight. According to her testimony: «I realized that I was being an inspiration for other people with the same problem and I loved that».

Doja Cat revealed weight loss story

As other peoples on internet the Doja Cat weight loss story. Doja Cat didn’t want to miss this opportunity and took the 2022 Grammy Awards red carpet to wear one of the most impressive hairstyles of the night. A semi-collection with a ’90s vibe, many will want to sign for your next summer look.

Midi hair combed at the ends and semi-up finished with a knot by twisting from the root are also styles that evoke a lot of the 90s as an end shot. There’s also no shortage of long, loose strands towards the face, making up both feature and baby bang bangs.

And yes, the purple and brown tones of makeup are perfect, especially with Doja, and the platinum blonde hair completes a very glamorous look.

Tanya Rybakova’s Weight Loss Story

This 25-year-old Russian woman lost 55 kilos in 3 and a half years. When she made the decision to transform her, her body weighed 105 kilos and she had a history of bullying because of her overweight. She today she is a famous blogger, model and businesswoman who offers her own plan to lose weight.

She started by swimming and exercising 3 times a week. With the help of a nutritionist and personal trainer, Tanya changed her eating habits to reduce fat and increase protein. Today she plans her meals and avoids going to bed before 3 hours after having dinner. She usually eats vegetables with chicken or tuna, instead of sweet snacks she has kefir yogurt or eats an apple. She herself says that “it is not about going on a diet, but about following a lifestyle”.

While Tanya’s transformation took a few years, you only have to watch it to know that it was worth it. With the help of surgery, she was able to remove her excess skin, and today she has a slim and stylized figure. For her: “You can change your life if you believe in yourself.”

The Talitha Rogers Weight Loss Story

When Talitha was 24 years old and weighing 130 kilos, she decided that the time had come to transform her body. A medical warning was decisive: if she did not lose weight immediately, the ulcerative colitis that she was beginning to suffer from could turn into bowel cancer. In just 11 months this English woman lost 65 kilos.

She first stopped eating gluten and sugar. She then began a daily exercise routine that included swimming and walking. She gave up processed foods and quit smoking. As her overall health improved, she sought out a personal trainer and focused on losing weight.

Talitha explains that it was not easy, she suffered from an irritable bowel and had to fight against her own hang-ups and insecurities. “I realized I wasn’t eating to feel good, I was eating because I hated myself.” She today hardly eats food of animal origin. She eats a protein shake for breakfast and prefers salads for lunch and dinner. In her own words: “I felt like I had spent 22 years of my life without living and now I feel like I woke up.”