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You’ve found the correct site to find the best bitcoin payment processors. Businesses that want to accept Bitcoin may do so using Bitcoin payment gateways. In addition to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, several payment processors now enable the purchase and sale of Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.

The top 10 Bitcoin gateways of 2023 are shown below.


BitHide is the most anonymous and convenient bitcoin payment gateway. It has every feature of a standard Bitcoin payment processor. Alerts users to potentially dangerous transactions and allows them to isolate the offending coin. The BitHide bitcoin payment gateway provides you with total privacy and ease. Get BitHide running on your servers and you can immediately begin taking bitcoin payments. BitHide is a Bitcoin payment system that allows you to accept and make transactions while remaining anonymous thanks to its proprietary Dark Wing technology. With BitHide, you may schedule withdrawals to occur automatically whenever a new transaction is done, after a certain budget is amassed, or whenever the blockchain commission is at its lowest. In addition, it is also a white label payment gateway, so it is obvious why it is number one among other bitcoin payment gateways.


Coinbase is the most widely used exchange for buying and selling bitcoins in the USA. Because of its large user base, Coinbase can afford to invest in innovative features that enhance the user experience.


Coingate’s software makes it simple for business owners to accept and process payments from customers, anywhere, at any time. It also accepts around 40 additional cryptocurrencies, thus by utilizing this crypto payment gateway, retailers may greatly expand the variety of payment options available to their customers.


When it comes to accepting bitcoin payments, CoinsBank is highly recommended due to its user-friendliness and solid standing in the market. Free mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.


The ability to divide payments between fiat money and Bitcoin makes AlfaCoins a standout among Bitcoin payment processors. This is a great option for companies who want to benefit from an increase in bitcoin’s value but can’t afford to lose their entire investment on a single trade.


When it comes to accepting bitcoin payments, Shopify is one of the greatest options available. As a result, hundreds of establishments throughout the world are already using it to take bitcoin payments.


BitPay’s ability to customize withdrawal transaction speeds to meet any deadline is a useful feature. This is a great option for shop owners that want or need withdrawals at regular times. Two-factor authentication is a handy addition that helps keep user accounts even safer.


The programming community all around the world is in awe of GoCoin. For one thing, it has a very user-friendly application programming interface. GoCoin is compatible with many e-commerce systems like Shopify thanks to its many available plugins.


BitcoinPay is one of the top bitcoin payment gateways available for businesses trying to minimize their transaction costs. It’s the cheapest gateway on the list, charging only 0.8% flat for all transactions.


If your company doesn’t have a bank account but would still want to take Bitcoin as payment, GoURL is a great option. GoURL is suitable for use with all the most popular bitcoin wallets, as well as bitcoin debit cards like the one provided by BitPay. Many Bitcoin users appreciate its high level of privacy as a consequence.

Sum up

Blockchain is one of the most fascinating commercial technologies in years. It might change several sectors and is being utilized by many firms to simplify processes quickly.

If you are looking for a reliable and anonymous bitcoin payment gateway, then you should pay close attention to BitHide.