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So, what’s the difference between a traditional kitchen and an in-frame kitchen I hear you cry.

Well, an in-frame kitchen is where a frame is attached to the front edge of a kitchen unit and the doors are then placed inside the frame so that they open within it.

The in-frame kitchen door sits flush within a solid frame rather than in front of the unit and that’s pretty much it, to be honest.

In frame kitchens along with traditional, standard, shaker kitchens are one of the oldest styles of kitchen design around today, have minimal detailing and an old-world look and feel to them which is as popular today as it’s ever been.

Is An In-Frame Kitchen The Right Option For You?

An in-frame kitchen is ideal for amateur or professional cooks and many of the kitchens you see on the cooking shows on TV are made in the in-frame shaker mould. Made of solid wood, the in-frame kitchen is built to last and looks fantastic in over a choice of over 60 different colours, making it your perfect choice of kitchen. You can also have a selection of different finishes on an in-frame kitchen, and while the style is basic, you can often accentuate the look and feel by choosing the correct kitchen furniture including handles.

If you are under 35, then please don’t think that in-frame kitchens are just for the old folk among us, the styles are timeless, built to last and will never go out of fashion. Whilst some of the newer designs can look stunning, your kitchen is in for the long term, and you want it to look as good in 10 years as it does the first day you have it installed. As the in-frame kitchen hasn’t gone out of fashion for the last 250 years or so you will be in safe hands rather than going for a modern design that could look terrible in a few years.

Key Benefits Of Choosing The In-Frame Kitchen Style

In-frame kitchens have the defined shaker style, with a recessed centre panel. The difference is most in-frame kitchen doors sit within a solid frame. Most traditional kitchens feature a lay-on door style. The in-frame door gives the kitchen a more elegant look, but they do tend to cost around 20% more than a traditional kitchen to buy.

By incorporating different finishes and simple details, the in-frame kitchen offers a wide range of aesthetics, making it a versatile style that is as much at home in a country kitchen as it is in a city apartment, suitable for all ages you just cannot go wrong with a traditional looking in-frame kitchen.

In-Frame Kitchen Article Summary

In-Frame Kitchens are one of the most beautiful designs available. Boasting a range of design and functionality benefits that can’t be found anywhere else, it’s no surprise that these kitchens have secured themself a place in thousands of homes across the United Kingdom.

We hope that this article on traditional in-frame kitchens has been interesting and if you are looking to update or upgrade your kitchen soon that you consider looking at the in-frame kitchen range and how it may fit in with your designs and lifestyle. The in-frame kitchen has been around longer than almost any other kitchen and promises to be here for many years to come. You simply cannot go wrong with an in-frame kitchen. Thanks very much for reading.