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Having the chance to transform your old and outdated wardrobes into a modern and more suitable design is a rare pleasure. You can finally fix some of those pesky features that render the experience of your wardrobe an unpleasant one. The wardrobe cabinets can finally receive some TLC, taking them from a dilapidated state to one of modern sophistication.

Instead of working with a blank slate, you will instead be working to correct some wrongs and uplift some areas that may have fallen off the wagon in recent years. A transformation that is not just aesthetic, but also functional, will result in a finished design that elevates the space from what it once was to what you always wished it could be.

1. Assess the Existing Design

Before you commence your wardrobe transformation journey, take the time to assess the existing state of your wardrobe designs in UAE. Thoroughly and methodically, enlist what features you would like to be changed and which ones you would prefer to retain. Doing so will help you get a better idea of your desired outcome, which you can later implement into your wardrobe closet.

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure a holistic approach and a seamless execution of the design on site. Not only will you be able to anticipate any subsequent challenges, but you can create contingency plans so nothing impedes your project timeline. The more time and effort that goes into the initial planning, the less cause for surprises later on.

2. Rethink Storage

Rethinking your wardrobe design is the perfect chance to optimize your storage to suit your specific requirements. By opting for a more customized approach instead of a generic one, you can ensure that the storage solutions encased within your wardrobe are ones that respond directly to your personal needs.

When assessing your storage requirements, consider it a chance to look through your belongings and take stock of how you’d like everything to be stored in relation to each other. This approach will help you sort and categorize, which will in turn make storage much easier.

3. Stick to a Theme

With time and use, interiors tend to become an eclectic mix of objects accumulated gradually over the span of years. More often than not, these objects tend to be a hodgepodge collection spanning multiple design sensibilities. The overall effect can then be of an eclectic, albeit cluttered appearance for your wardrobe interior.

Undertaking a wardrobe transformation is the perfect opportunity to thematically align all your discordant elements to help them come together into a cohesive design. Your theme can be based on a color or material palette, a specific aesthetic, or you can even build it around a single focal element. The resulting design will be one that appears homogenous and provides a pleasant experience.

4. Incorporate Bespoke Elements

For residences, it is a typical practice to construct wardrobe interiors that conform to a set of standards, in order to ensure that the space is functional and ergonomically sound. While all this may be essential as a standard baseline, you may find over the years that your personal requirements render certain elements useless. To accommodate this requirement that only reveals itself after sustained use, consider incorporating bespoke features for your wardrobe interiors.

Designed specifically to cater to your individual requirements, a bespoke feature is one that will take into account your patterns of use rather than conforming to accepted standards. For instance, you may require shelves that are taller than the average standard, or you may want to dedicate an entire section to one item in specific.

Get a design team that excels at crafting customized bespoke elements for wardrobes in Oman.

5. Prioritize Lighting

An often-overlooked aspect of any wardrobe design is the interior lighting of the space. For dedicated spaces, such as a walk-in wardrobe, lighting plays a pivotal role. It is essential not just for the functional aspect, where it helps to ensure that each area is well lit and clearly visible, but it also helps to decide the ambience of a space.

Integrate lighting design into your wardrobe transformation by layering various kinds of lights. For instance, you can opt for concealed lights to give the whole space a diffused glow, focused lights can be used to highlight certain areas in comparison to others, and you can even choose to incorporate a statement chandelier or wall sconces to complement your décor.

6. Opt for High Quality Finishes

Upgrade your wardrobes and cabinets by switching out old and dilapidated finishes with higher quality ones. As technology progresses, manufacturing techniques are improved and the resulting products are much superior in terms of quality. Modern finishes can prove to me more durable, resistant to water and termite damage, and have a wider range of aesthetic possibilities.

Modern finishes have the distinct advantage of being able to reliably mimic materials found in nature, ones that would otherwise be ill suited for use as wardrobe finishes. With the subtlest hints of texture, these finishes give the appearance of wood, various kinds of stone, marble and granite. Additionally, they offer a wider range of color options, expanding your design choices to new dimensions.

Explore the different material varieties available in the market before you decide on the material palette best suited to your space. If necessary, consult a professional wardrobe designer in UAE, Oman, Qatar for an expert opinion on the most appropriate choice.