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Is your idea of relaxation taking a quiet hike through the woods? Do you feel most at home when you’re surrounded by nature? What if you could take your love of the outdoors and turn it into a profitable business that, in turn, allows you to spend even more time enjoying the outdoors? This guide offers a few tips for benefiting financially from your outdoor passion.

Offer Guided Hikes

Many people love the idea of hiking but either don’t know where to begin or aren’t confident in their hiking abilities when visiting a new location. Offering expert-guided hikes can be an excellent way to spend more time outdoors while profiting from this activity. Connect with welcome centers or local vacation rental owners to share your services. To reach more customers, offer a wide range of hikes that cater to different skill and fitness levels. You could also combine other passions, like a guided hike to a popular tourist attraction or teaching photography while on a hike.

If hiking isn’t your thing, but you enjoy other outdoor recreation, you could offer these to travelers instead. A few great options include paddleboard or kayak rentals or tours, swimming lessons, or horseback riding lessons. Consider your unique skills and how you most enjoy spending your time outdoors and then find a way to share that same passion with others. As long as you’re organized and can offer value, you’ll find that there’s an existing demand for guided tours.

Invest in a Rural Vacation Rental

More and more travelers are learning of the benefits of disconnecting from technology. This has led to an increase in travelers seeking more rural vacation locations. Investing in a rural vacation rental, such as small log cabins, can help cater to these travelers.

If you have land or are willing to purchase a plot of land, you could line it with small log cabins that you rent out to tourists. Equipping the log cabins with modern technologies or glamping gadgets can ensure guest satisfaction.

You may even decide to live in one of the log cabins so you can offer on-site assistance or guidance to guests. You can also rent tent sites as you build your log cabin rental business. Once you have a few cabins and an attractive outdoor location, you’ll find that some visitors are willing to pay to pitch a tent on your property. Once the visitors are on-site, you can also pitch other offerings, like a guided hike or kayak rentals.

Perfect Your Photography Skills

If you have a knack for photography, you may find success as a nature photographer. Enroll in a few classes to perfect your photography skills and then get to work. You can take photographs and then sell them for commissions online. You could also put existing photos you’ve taken on stock photo sites, which can earn you passive income.

Offer to take engagement or wedding photos for couples who want outdoor sessions. If you have land or a vacation rental, you already have the perfect backdrop for these photos. You could also accompany clients to some of your favorite nature backdrops for memorable photograph sessions.

Work for the Local Parks Systems

Some people who love spending most of their time outdoors seek employment with the local park systems. Every state and county has a park system that requires workers. Some of these parks may only have seasonal employees, especially if you live in an area with heavy winters when the parks may be closed. Some U.S. National Parks have volunteer and internship opportunities, which can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door and potentially earn a paid position.

Offer Outdoor Event Planning Services

Many people love the idea of hosting outdoor events but don’t know where to start. Planning the perfect outdoor event involves a lot of details, including choosing a location, arranging parking, ensuring food stays safe, and having a backup plan for inclement weather. If you’re good at planning events and love the outdoors, you may find a profitable business venture as an event planner. You could work with a reception hall until you gain experience and then branch off to open your own business.

Being outdoors offers many benefits and can make some feel relaxed and at home. If this sounds like you, a career working outdoors may be the right fit for you. Whether charging for guided hikes or renting out a log cabin on your rural property, there are many ways to earn while reconnecting with the outdoors.