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There are numerous types of vehicles out there. Not just off-road, but in general. However, today we will be focusing strictly on off-road vehicles, as these tend to get less attention than your regular highway vehicles.

So, with that said, let’s take a look at off-road vehicles and what separates them from their brotherly counterparts. And yes, there is more than just the Jeep Wrangler. You’d be surprised how many of these get overlooked by your average Joe. So let’s get to it!

SUVs (Sport-Utility Vehicles)

Classic, efficient, rugged. That’s how most people would describe an SUV. Modern SUVs are even better, as they usually come equipped with an off-road GPS system so you don’t have to buy one separately or download an app on your phone.

However, the thing that people don’t necessarily enjoy about driving in an SUV is the fact that you can’t feel the breeze hitting your face while going over 40 miles per hour. Off-roaders enjoy that kind of sensation but what nearly the same level of protection that an SUV cabin provides. This takes us to our next vehicle:

UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles)

A UTV is the perfect middle ground between SUVs and ATVs. It has a roll cage and you can even install a windshield to protect yourself from the elements. With that in mind, it offers you a lot more protection against rolling than an ATV would. And you can customize it to your heart’s content with this easy guide to UTV accessories.

ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles)

Everyone knows what ATVs are and how they look like. They’re also known as dune buggies, and they’re basically quads – four-wheel motorcycles, to put it bluntly. ATVs are, in a sense, found within the same category as UTVs – they are both considered OHVs (Off-Highway Vehicles). However, ATVs are meant solely for leisure purposes whilst UTVs can handle both fun and work-related activities.

Dirt Bikes

One of the more known and more practiced for of outdoor riding is done with the help of dirt bikes. Dirt bikes are lightweight, off-road motorcycles built with a rugged frame, special tires, and stiff suspension to navigate hilly, rough terrain in all types of weather. In short, they are reliable and they get the job done for motorcycle enthusiasts.

While they may not be as safe as SUVs or UTVs, they’re some impressive beasts when put into the right hands. Professional motorbike riders can do some amazing tricks on them, especially when they’re let to do their own things offroad or on a motocross race.

4WD Trucks

Regular two-wheel-drive trucks aren’t great for offroading. Far from it. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend them for offroading at all. Stick to the highway! However, when it comes to four-wheel-drive trucks, the offroad experience is stellar. And it makes sense: four wheels have double the traction than two wheels, right? Basically, yes.

Four-wheel drive is usually paired with locked differentials for ideal off-road performance. Leaving aside complex technical aspects, locked differentials just means that the two wheels on the same axle are locked together, even if one has traction and the other does not. What does this mean for you? It means you’ll get more traction on soil, rocks, snow, mud, and other similar surfaces. In short, 4WD trucks are perfect for a memorable off-road experience.

The Bottom Line

There are different types of off-road vehicles, and you should be at least a little familiar with each one before selecting such a vehicle for purchase. Hopefully, you have familiarized yourself with them after this article and you can now delve deeper into researching what they are all about.

Regardless of which vehicle you end up choosing, you shouldn’t forget about safety, carrying the necessary equipment, or about the rules of off-roading that will keep you and your party on the right track. Because the last thing you need when going through the desert is to get lost, right? Anyway, good luck!