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Video has become an integral part of the virtual space. Video content is actively used when filling websites and social media accounts, for education, entertainment, and selling goods and services. To use this effective tool at full capacity, it’s critical to understand why your business needs video marketing and what types of video content you should invest in. We’ll discuss that in this article.

Why Does Your Business Need Video Marketing and Video Content?

Until yesterday, videos were part of any content marketing strategy. Today, a separate area called video marketing has already been singled out. The emergence of a new player in the virtual space was due to the cameras built into smartphones, with which you can create millions of high-quality videos.

In the last few years, the popularity of social nets has grown exceptionally. Video content is becoming the most common way of presenting information on the web. This is what video marketing statistics show. Today, communication among users involves the video format, which successfully replaces text, audio, and static images.

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All that explains the popularity of video advertising among business representatives as a way to promote goods and improve companies’ images. Business owners spend big bucks to grow social media engagement. If you want users to notice your posts among a variety of other content, you need to stand out.

Let’s take a quick look at why your business needs video marketing and video content.

  • By publishing video content on your website or social media, you simplify the presentation of information. Everyone knows that watching a video takes much less time than reading a long post. In addition, no textual description of your product or service can produce such an effect as a visual demonstration in video format — even if it’s a short fifteen-second social media video.

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  • By uploading videos to the Internet, you not only boost sales and engage the audience, but introduce your brand to users. How well do you remember the authors’ names of this or that post, book, or article if you don’t read them regularly? But video helps increase awareness. People remember certain features — the tempo of speech, timbre, behavior, etc. — that attract them which helps you boost subscribers on social media.
  • One of the main goals of video marketing is to increase conversion. People are more likely to watch a video than spend time on a long read.  As a result, the number of clicks on links in the text is much less. The video format gives a more positive effect.

If you’re still unsure if your business needs video marketing, we recommend surfing the net for more information on this topic. Perhaps, other resources will convince you to invest in this content marketing strategy. Let’s go on.

Types of Video Content You Should Invest In

In this part of our article, we’ll talk about the types of video content that absolutely any business should invest in, regardless of its field of activity. Of course, each niche has its features, but our types will suit absolutely all of them.

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Video instructions / tutorials

If you’re selling some goods that require installation or need to follow certain instructions, then you should post this type of content on your social media accounts or the company’s website. It’s also suitable for any business in the service sector.

Such content is good because it clearly demonstrates the necessary information and saves the client from reading a large amount of text. Creating such videos is easy and inexpensive. You just need to have a decent camera, several apps such as a screen recorder, write a script, shoot, and edit the finished video. You don’t even have to record any audio. Captions or even background music will do just fine for you.

Product video

This type of video content is simply a must-have for any modern business. If your product video is well-made and catchy, it can significantly increase conversions, boost sales, engage your audience, and take your business to the next level.

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However, it’s worth noting that product video production isn’t a cheap process. And if you want nice content, then you will most likely have to pay money to professionals. You won’t be able to simply shoot on a smartphone and upload the final video on the web.

Company culture

These videos increase brand credibility, convey the company’s mission, and show the business from the inside and how potential customers’ problems are solved.

You can shoot such videos both on a professional camera and on a smartphone and even post them on Instagram stories — just pre-edit clips in a Windows or Mac video editor. Remember, customers prefer real people and appreciate ”true” companies, not fake videos.


Once potential buyers understand how to solve their problems, they’re ready to consider different options. At this stage, you must clearly show what you’re selling and, at the same time, present your brand from a positive side. People need to know your product or service and start trusting you. You must engage the audience through video reviews. They won’t want to buy anything if they have doubts about your company or its offers.

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All well-designed websites have a FAQ section. But sometimes these frequently asked questions are so often inquired — even agents in the support chat just go crazy. In this case, this format of video content is suitable for any business.

One video can be dedicated to 1 or 2-3 related frequently asked questions. This is an extremely effective way to work with clients. And if after watching your video answer buyers still have questions, you can already explain them in more detail.

Summing Up

Video content is one of the highest quality ways to communicate with the audience and, as a result, achieve business goals. It’s simply impossible to do business without video content in modern realities. When developing a content marketing strategy, don’t forget to set aside a budget for video marketing as well. Remember that the types of videos listed above aren’t enough.

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If this prospect scares you, your best bet is to hire a specialist or professional team to take care of your business video marketing campaign and do all the work for you. As a result, you’ll boost sales, engage your audience and take your company to the next level. As your brand becomes more recognizable, so will its competitiveness. You’ll surely see your overall marketing spend go down, and your video ROI increase. In any case, you need to invest in video content.

We wish you the best of luck and business success!