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You own a company, and you think it’s doing pretty well. However, if you dove into the minds of your employees, they’d tell you otherwise.

You might be shocked to hear this, but they only want the best for themselves and their employer. That way, they’re satisfied with their workplace, and you’ll continue to push out profits too.

So how can you get some thoughts from your workforce? By giving out employee surveys, of course!

Read on to find out the purpose of these surveys and what they can do for you.

To Measure Employee Engagement

Did you know that 85% of employees aren’t engaged in the workplace? If you’ve walked around the office recently, then you might be surprised; they certainly don’t seem dissatisfied, but if you gave them the Workhuman’s satisfaction survey, it’d tell you otherwise. And satisfaction is closely related to engagement.

Take a look at the numbers to confirm. Is production down and churn up? Then chances are, your workers are disengaged.

The best way to find out is to directly ask your employees. If you find that there’s a high level of disengagement, then you can implement more training and development opportunities, improve communication channels, and put in other programs to recognize and reward your workers.

On the other hand, if the survey results indicate that your workers are engaged with their work, then that means you’re doing something right!

To Identify Areas of Improvement

Even if you have high levels of employee engagement, there’s always room for improvement. An employee survey can help you identify exactly where you should focus your efforts.

They can tell you if you need to improve on:

  • Communication
  • Training and development
  • Leadership and management
  • Work processes
  • Work-life balance

Because you’re hearing things straight from your workers, you won’t have to take a shot in the dark to make company improvements. Not only can this be a waste of time and resources, but it can alienate your workforce too if you’ve completely missed the mark.

By asking for your employees’ honest input, you have the opportunity to show them you care about what they think. This will be especially true if you implement changes promptly to improve things.

To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Management

You’ve probably worked a job before where you loved your team; however, management was another story. They drove you nuts, so much so that you considered quitting.

There’s a good chance that the same scenario’s happening at your business. And you have no clue because your employees seem happy for the most part.

At face value, it might seem like your managers are leading their teams well because projects are on track and completed without issue (or appear to be). However, if you got into the granular levels, you’d see that management needs some improvement.

Employee surveys will allow you to see if the leadership styles are optimal for your workers. They can also show how well managers communicate and make decisions. And most importantly, you’ll find out if your employees trust and respect their managers.

With this information, you can help your managers develop and improve their leadership capabilities and skills. This can result in you retaining more of your top employees.

Understanding the Purpose of Employee Surveys 2

To Get Feedback on Initiatives

Introducing new initiatives can be daunting; you never know if your workers will love or hate them. You might have the best intentions, but they can be misconstrued.

So a good way to see if you’ve made great choices is to hand out surveys. Workers can tell you if they like or dislike the initiatives. Even if they feel positive, they can still tell you where you may need to make adjustments.

For example, you might’ve given your workforce access to a local gym for free. You wanted to help them with their physical fitness, but it turns out that no one’s using their memberships. Instead of wasting money on this initiative, you can put it toward something your workers actually want.

To Improve Worker Satisfaction

73% of employees are considering leaving their jobs. While it’s true that many employers don’t care about providing an excellent work environment, numerous others just don’t have a clue that their workforces aren’t satisfied.

Your current workers’ satisfaction has a huge effect on the future of your company. If they leave, you’ll have to spend more money and effort to hire new talent. And if the world hears about the lousy work environment, it’ll be challenging to attract new workers.

Employee surveys can give you valuable feedback about what you need to do to make your business an attractive one to work at.

Give Out Regular Employee Surveys

Continuing to better your business is a positive thing for both you and your employees. Not only will their opinions be heard, but you can also instill changes that make them feel valued.

As a result, you’ll create a company that workers are proud to be a part of. This can boost employee retention and attract new talent, which will keep your business running for years to come.

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