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The IT industry is one of the most dynamic in the world. This field is perfect for people with mathematical and creative minds, especially those interested in professional web development in Brisbane. There are many directions in the IT industry, and one of the most attractive for beginners is the creation of Internet products. In the field of web development, every approach can find its application.

What is a web development project?

As the name suggests, a web project is a process of creating and developing a website and integrating it with various tools and platforms according to the end goal. Depending on the requirements, a web project can be static or dynamic and can consist of languages that are best suited for that project.

How to get a project for web development?

1. Do a few works for the portfolio

One of the banalest tips, but, important to note, the work should be relevant. Study the job market and determine what a potential employer may require from you. Based on this, “invent” a small project and complete it. After completing the courses, students often already have some work in their portfolio, but they look too “raw” and not always relevant to the current market situation, so the search will be difficult.

2. Make the portfolio correctly

It is not enough to make a couple of projects for the portfolio, they still need to be formalized and submitted to a potential employer. It is advisable to write a story for each work in the portfolio: what the task was initially, how you solved it and why you chose this particular solution. The more information about the completed project you provide, the more likely it is that you will be entrusted with the work.

3. Develop networking

Find communities in your field of interest, and communicate with colleagues, preferably more experienced ones. This way you will be able to better understand the inner workings, find out what others are doing to find a job, and know the latest technological solutions. Active interaction with such communities will help the developer to attract the attention of more experienced colleagues, find mentors, and possibly the first clients.

How to start a web development project?

It is worth starting by defining the target audience and analyzing competitors, say website development company Lounge Lizard. It is important for the site owner to understand his target audience, its needs, and its pains, so he will be able to adapt his site to their interests and benefit from it. It is worth finding answers to the questions

  • For whom is the web resource intended?
  • What are the preferences of your potential customers?
  • What information will be useful and interesting for them?
  • What communication channels do they use?

Look at your direct competitors, study their solutions, and find advantages and disadvantages. And then use it. Identify your advantages, your “zest” that will distinguish you and show you in a favorable light.

Determine the purpose of your site, what you want to achieve with it, and what tools will help you with this. The purposes of a website can be absolutely different. The same site can be used for multiple goals at once, as well as for complex custom projects that perform each of the above tasks. It is very important to correctly determine what result is needed and based on this information from other stages of work on the creation of the site.

Web development project ideas 2023

Sometimes inspiration does not come at once. For such situations, we have prepared the best ideas for a web development project:

#1 Social Media Dashboard

An application that combines many social networks into one interface. This means a single UI and that only one browser tab will be opened.

Difficulty level: advanced;

Project type: full stack.


Frontend: HTML, CSS, TypeScript, React, Redux, React Native;

Backend: Node.JS, NoSQL

#2 Dating app manager

Suitable for those who are used to using several such applications and have faced difficulties in monitoring scheduled dates. With the help of the application, you can track all people with whom communication is established, as well as basic information: names, phone numbers, meeting locations, etc.

Difficulty level: medium;

Project type: full stack.


Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, React Native;

Backend: Node.JS, NoSQL.

#3 Companion application for computer games

If you play, for example, Fortnite, such an application will allow you to track character statistics. You can also make a section for inventory, where all weapons and accessories will be stored.

Difficulty level: medium;

Project type: full stack.


Frontend: HTML, CSS, TypeScript, React, React Native;

Backend: Node.JS, NoSQL.