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You might have heard of maid services being exclusive to only the rich and can-afford, as hired help will do the cleaning, babysitting, and housekeeping chores on behalf of their employers. True enough, full-time maids often charge high for their services, especially for those that have experience and training in proper cleaning.

However, a novel service has appeared to address the need of cleaning services for average homeowners. With the fast-paced lifestyles we live in today, we often don’t get free time to clean or do the chores around the house anymore. Housework also tends to take up most of our free time, which is less time we have for our hobbies and families.

Part-time maids are professional cleaners who provide housekeeping services to households that can not afford the costs of hiring a full-time maid, or simply require general cleaning instead of a full-time helper around the house. These services made cleaning accessible, affordable, and convenient for all types of households!

Luce professional cleaning experts provide top-notch cleaning services with trained and experienced cleaners. Their blog presents different cleaning methods, as well as how your home can benefit from professional cleaning every now and then. We’ve compiled the best reasons we think how part-time maid services can help the average household!

Part-time Cleaners versus Full-time Cleaners

Full-time maids do so much more than part-time maids. They are often hired to wear many hats, from cleaning, cooking, and house upkeep, to taking care of children or elderly household members. Full-time maids often stay in the same household as their employer, who also covers their daily expenses such as meals, utilities, and toiletries.

The cost of hiring a full-time maid is, understandably, much higher than that of a part-time maid, who cleans different households per day in hourly intervals. Part-time maids only clean your home during your agreed-upon schedule before moving onto the next client. They are often tied to agencies, who employ them to clean clients’ homes.

The stark differences in part-time versus full-time cleaning services include the overall costs of each service, the amount of privacy you get in your home, and the scope of work they do as they are employed under your household.

What a Part-time Maid can Do

Part-time maids help you with the cleaning of your home, minimizing the amount of work and effort you need to do each week. In the one to three hours they stay to clean, they can already do a lot of the chores needed as they are trained to focus solely on cleaning.

Spring Cleaning

A part-time maid will do the overall cleaning, which includes wiping down of surfaces, washing the dishes, sweeping, shaking out debris from rugs, smoothening furniture covers and bedding, and disposing of the trash at the end of the cleaning session. They may be tasked to do some light organization, but this is to the discussion of the employer and the cleaner.

Vacuuming and Mopping

Taking care of your flooring usually takes up the biggest chunk of your time, as the floor spans across your entire home. A part-time maid will easily take that vacuum and mop, and begin cleaning your floors to a sparkling shine in less time than it takes you to do it! They would also know how to take care of sensitive materials like natural stones and ceramic.

Bathroom Cleaning

Not a lot of homeowners find bathroom cleaning to be glamorous work. In fact, the majority of homeowners would rather not clean their bathrooms, if they had a choice, and this area of the home is the most unpopular spot to clean. Yet, this is the area that requires the most attention, other than the kitchen.

Part-time maids, however, generally do not find bathroom cleaning to be a hassle. They are trained to clean bathrooms effectively, without the gross factor. They maintain a professional outlook, and ensure that they leave you with a fully-sanitized bathroom by the end of their shift!

What a Part-time Maid cannot Do

There are generally a couple of things that part-time maids cannot do, however. These include any kind of care for another person, or deep cleaning beyond their abilities or tools. Part-time cleaners are there to help you with the household chores, but they are not stand-ins for full-time maids! Here are some of the tasks a part-time maid cannot do:

  • Deep Cleaning
  • Babysitting
  • Elder Care
  • Pet Sitting
  • Cashier or Server in Employer’s Business
  • Gardening/Landscaping
  • Exterior House Cleaning