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Truck side steps are a popular upgrade that offers convenience, protection and impressive style. There are a few different types of steps to consider as you shop for the best upgrade for your truck. Discover how side steps for trucks can personalize your ride and match your driving style today.

Side Step, Nerf Bar or Running Board?

Once you decide to upgrade your truck with a set of steps on the sides, it’s important to weigh your options carefully. The three most common types of truck step upgrades are:

  • Side steps
  • Nerf bars
  • Running boards

The basic idea is the same, but all three use distinct design features. Side steps usually come as one or two individual steps for each side of your vehicle. They’re made from plastic, stainless steel or aluminum and typically use a non-slip tread design. The AMP Research side steps are a competitive example.

Nerf bars can come with steps built in, but are primarily used to protect the sides and undercarriage of your vehicle. These off-road upgrades help shield your truck from branches, rocks and other debris that could cause some serious damage.

Running boards run the length of your cab or from wheel to wheel. They can include individual steps, but typically have non-slip treads that run the length of the boards. This allows you and your passengers to climb in and out wherever is convenient, rather than searching for the individual step with your feet.

Easy & Safe Boarding

All three options offer easy and safe boarding. They’re particularly useful after you’ve lifted your truck, though even an OEM truck could use a step for added convenience.

Check out running board options for broad, easy steps. Running boards are typically the most convenient step option for your truck.

Unfortunately, they also can be the largest and most likely to become damaged during an off-road ride. Many running board designs reduce your truck’s clearance, increasing the chance that they’ll hit some debris as you explore rugged trails. Consider upgrading to electric running boards that move in and out to balance a convenient step location and running board protection.

Side Protection

Electric running boards may lift up out of the way, but they can’t protect the sides of your truck from an impact. For side protection, a set of nerf bars is the way to go. These sturdy steel or aluminum bars are far less likely to dent or crack than the sides of your truck or its undercarriage.

Stylish Upgrade

All three side step options come in a range of colors and designs. There’s no shame in shopping for side steps as an aesthetic choice. Check out options that match your truck’s paint and overall shape. A sleek set of running bars or a rugged set of steps can be the perfect finishing touch on your aftermarket design.

Shop for Truck Side Steps Today

Explore highly rated brands and designs today. Use an online tool to be sure you’re shopping for affordable options that match the length and shape of your truck for a hassle-free shopping experience.