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A consulting engineer is a person who can be highly trained in network consulting engineer, specialized training and extensive knowledge, design, design, guidance and assistance in maintaining any type of structure according to the needs of the client. In addition, the simple definition can be found in a plethora of parameters.

This article provides an accurate determination of these parameters, such as attributes, positions, selection, opportunity, career opportunities, and future prospects, which will ultimately determine the role and effectiveness of engineers. counseling.

Each project has a specific mission or purpose that needs to be accomplished within a specific time frame and at a specific cost. To achieve them, six parameters must be rigorously evaluated. These are: size, complexity, quality, productivity, time to completion, and cost. The design, analysis, and implementation of these parameters reflects the baseline, and this is where a consulting engineer can make a lasting contribution based on their skill, experience, and knowledge.

I need a counselor

It is not possible to put too much emphasis on calling a consultant too early in the project. It is well known that there are serious mistakes in delaying such work. Once a site has been bought / bought, to prove later that it was completely inappropriate. The bridges have been designed to replace existing bridge structures without taking into account the problems of soil, load, aerodynamics and traffic expansion; and long-term projects decided not to examine the impact of price changes during that period in the interim on the overall budget.

When the producers of the movie “Bridge on the River Kwai” wanted to build a bridge unit and then blow it up at the exact time that history required, they called in a consulting engineer for such meticulous work. Fortunately, such a professional was found and the bridge was subsequently built and blown up at the right time and place as requested.

What does a network consulting engineer do

What does a network consulting engineer do

Selection of Directors

The role and effectiveness of consulting engineers in construction.

When choosing a consultant, the client or contractor should have a reasonable understanding of the consultant’s knowledge, experience, and background. There have been cases where thoughtless choice has created problems. The counselor and internal staff with their perceived vision and experience are often limited by years of unused traditional practice. In third world countries, clients, given their financial constraints, generally try to choose a consultant based on price rather than capacity, leading to project delays and losses.

When called turnkey applications, contractors who do not have a good planning office with competent staff usually work with consultants with whom they have regular contact, but not necessarily of the highest quality. Such a case again the benefit of low prices which Mid-size contractors could offer lower and more expensive designs as a result of less competent consultants.

Spy consulting formats are changing from the original one-man program to large consulting groups that have emerged providing multidisciplinary services and serving global clients, including those in India. The problem is the recently built 4.7 km point. Bandra Worli marine connection. There are two cable bridges of 500 m and 150 m. The bridge system was designed by Seshadri Srinivasan, director of the London-based multinational consultancy Dar AlHandasah with the help of engineers from several other countries.

Apparently this Septuagenarian engineer designed J. J. Flyover in Mumbai and the famous Jamarat Bridge in the holy city of Mecca. The proposed 720m Manori Creek Bridge will have a 420m cable-stayed bridge, connecting Manori, Gorai and Bhayander, with the remainder including rail viaducts. This project is likely to be managed by foreign consultants. Is the time. Indian consulting firms are preparing to handle such projects and show their ability and suitability to compete with foreign consultants.


Worldwide, the World Bank and other major organizations maintain a list of consulting firms and individuals. These include the Asian Development Bank, UNIDO, ILO, UNDP, etc. These consultants provide services in more than 70 specialized areas of aeronautical, hydroelectric and geological studies; disaster planning; forensic engineering; from architectural and industrial design to civil works, rehabilitation, personnel requirements: project study and significant design. Closer to home there are some Indian engineering membership groups covering highly experienced consulting engineers. From them, a selection of advisers can be made.

Expectant role

The role and effectiveness of consulting engineers in construction

For those looking for careers in engineering consulting, the training must go beyond instructions and textbooks. The field of consulting engineering is expanding rapidly so practice engineers should introduce students to a clear background and provide them with practical training in their offices.

University doors should also be opened to allow more of the ‘design office’ into the classroom. The way in which interaction is nurtured, effectively planned and properly motivated by a ‘user educator’ needs to be a priority that can go a long way. training process.

Hope for the future

The workplace is the second largest job in India after farming. HUDCO survey – IIM Ahmedabad has revealed that every subsidy invested in construction and real estate increases 78 percent to government GDP and for every job done in the housing sector, the other eight tasks are performed indirectly. Thus, investment in the construction industry has many implications for finance and employment.

A study by global consultancy firm Merrill Lynch has shown that the sector will grow from $ 12 billion to $ 90 billion by 2015. According to international firm Goldman Sachs, over a decade coming to India will need to include construction and real estate around $ 1.7 billion to cover your basic needs for buildings, roads, ports, airports, energy, trains, etc. It does not mean that in all of these activities, consulting engineers are designed to connect and play an important role.