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Best SEO Services in Pakistan

The SEO is known, is one of the pillars of SEO and the sinews of war to prance top pages of search engines. If until some time ago, SEO was about finding the right keywords and introducing the right tags in the right place, today the criteria have changed a little. So what is SEO today?

SEO today: taking action to convert

SEO, search engine optimization or even called natural referencing, no longer consists of positioning yourself at the top of search engine pages. Indeed, nowadays you have to ask yourself if your goal is only to be seen or if it is also to get your users to order and consume your products? Not only is it a matter of introducing the right keywords into your content, but also it is necessary to ensure that the content leads to the purchase. You have to amplify the results of your content. Head over to EngineRoom for more information on help with your digital marketing.

How to define the new SEO?

Google has evolved so much over the past few years that all of its tools that could be used in the past have become totally obsolete. Nowadays, it’s not enough to create content, it must also be liked and that it manages to retain. Also, we talk about inbound marketing, we talk about SEO friendly marketing content. SEO friendly marketing content stands out in two ways. External optimization on the one hand, linked mainly to the quality and quantity of research (on search engines, social networks, forums, etc.) and internal optimization on the other hand. The latter is more focused on what you can do to optimize visits. By this we mean the loading time, having a responsive site or not, the quality of navigation etc. In other words, we are talking about user experience (UX).

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What to do for good SEO?

To have a good SEO now, it is necessary to:

Improve the quality of content to do this, you will need to ensure that you have striking titles with the presence of keywords have CTAs, ensure that you insert internal links between texts, and write on interesting subjects. Take responsive design into consideration: nowadays people connect from their computers, but also from their tablet and especially their smartphone. Your site and your content must be readable and appear correctly from any multimedia medium. Have an optimal download speed: if you want you’re content to be read quickly and, above all, shared, it must be opened quickly. You must therefore choose a good host, and a good server code. Reuse your existing content: it’s a safe bet that you have dated content on your site that was not optimized with internal links.

Make old with new by inserting links

Publish your content in other forms: by associating your site or your blog with a google analytics account, you will be able to see what was liked or not. So why not turn your awesome article into an e-book? A short, but very popular article can become an infographic, a presentation to publish on slide share etc.

Today Google’s algorithms are more and more sophisticated. They no longer just detect your pages. They analyze them in addition.

Google’s EAT: a new parameter to deal with

Literally meaning “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness” (expertise, authority, credibility), the EAT is a new algorithm developed by Google in 2018. These 3 criteria are used to determine the relevance of a site and its content. In fact, if formerly only words were taken into account in SEO, today EAT is also taken into account.


Through your content published on your website, Google robots will estimate whether or not you are an expert in your field. The content must be relevant it must illustrate your competence in the field.


It is not enough to show your expertise to be seen. You also need to have the authority. In other words, you must also be recognized by your peers as an expert. It is therefore essential to publish videos, articles and get links from influential and authoritative sites.


This last criterion is especially important for e-commerce sites. Indeed, the latter must provide secure measures to their users. Secure payment methods, https, legal notice, Google My business pages etc.

How to improve your EAT score?

Since now the EAT score has become a key criterion for increasing rankings, know that it is possible to increase you’re EAT score with a few simple actions:

  1. Include the author’s name for each editorial content
  2. Make sure you maintain a good image of your brand (work on your presence on social networks, publish regularly, etc.)
  3. Secure your site
  4. Make your followers contributors

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