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Most of the manufacturing sector leans heavily towards using aluminum extrusions for their products. The equipment used is as necessary as the process when it comes down to producing high-quality extrusions.

The aluminum extrusion process starts by passing a flexible dough through a press, which flows out of an opening with a specific die shape. Perhaps you are familiar with this manufacturing process and want to learn more about the press pressure specifications. Read on!

What Is an Aluminum Extrusion Press?

The aluminum extrusion process is only possible with this equipment. The press, which provides the force necessary for the shaping process, is the focal point of aluminum extrusion. Aluminum extrusion presses come in different types designed based on the output and efficiency requirements. There are small and medium, and large-sized models.

What Is the Specific Pressure of Aluminium Extrusion Press?

The extrusion process initiates when the press ram applies pressure to a billet inside a container. Hydraulic presses can exert a range of pressure, usually 100 -15,000 tons. An aluminum extrusion’s pressure determines its extrusion production size limit. Due to the variety of extrusion presses available, you have to consider the extrusion weight of each foot.

Small-sized presses are suitable for the extrusion of lightweight parts. However, you might require large capacity presses in case of complex extrusion demands—for instance, a larger, thin-walled extruded shape with a hollow interior.

Although the weight per foot is low, the aluminum extrusion pressure needed may still be high. Increasing the factor makes the extrusion process more challenging for the part which impacts the extrusion process.

How Do I Choose an Aluminum Extrusion Press?

Type of media

Yap! When diving into the aluminum extrusion press market, this is the place to start. Before you decide on the size or brand of press that best suits you, explore the different options in the market and remember to check for all the parts of an aluminum extrusion press you require for efficient production.


If you want to work with a large extrusion output, you will require both a large-sized and small-sized extrusion press so you can efficiently handle large profile extrusions and small ones.

Aluminum Profile Thickness

You might use higher pressure for thin-sized profiles for the extrusion process. Continuous use of high extrusion pressure might cause damage to the extrusion press, so it takes effort to juggle keeping the balance of ensuring your press stays in good working condition and meeting the thin aluminum profile extrusion needs of your clients.

Container Diameter

You should consider the current container diameter market trends, the maximum circumference, since lately, manufacturers have been increasing the diameter of containers.

Take Away

Aluminum extrusion is widely used because it is a versatile and cost-effective production process. You can use it for the extrusion of intricate shapes and designs. If you want to get high efficiency from your aluminum extrusion press, ensure you purchase it from a reliable company. This is where Wangeshi comes in. Call us today for all your aluminum extrusion press needs.