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A robust fence does more than secure your property, according to Crossroads, a leading property management in Lawton, OK. It also enhances your privacy and adds instant curb appeal. Thus, if you’ve been broaching the idea of installing a fence around your property, you’re probably wondering which material to spring for.

Plus, you’ll need a reputable installer who can nail your vision and provide a fence that lasts for years. Thus, if you’re also searching for fencing companies in Salem OR, choose F&W Fence Co. Inc. – a firm known for using high-quality materials and providing top-tier installation services at affordable prices.

While various factors influence strength, concrete walls generally offer the highest protection – ask any prisoner in solitary confinement! Even so, we don’t all require such extreme security measures, and you can take your pick from plenty of other materials.

As you explore fencing material options, you’re also likely to come across vinyl panels, metal bars, wooden posts, chain-link fences, aluminum fences, and more. You can check out this local aluminum fence contractor for professional fence installation techniques.

So, which one can withstand all kinds of weather conditions while providing maximum security? Well, let’s explore a few robust materials Salem residents prefer:


When most people think of strength, they only consider robustness or sturdiness. However, durability also denotes a fence’s long-term performance and how well it can withstand the elements.

With that in mind, it helps to note that vinyl is more resilient than it looks. This semi-pliable material is incredibly durable and can withstand all kinds of weather, including strong winds and rain. Similarly, vinyl fences don’t rot or rust. And pests don’t fancy them either as they find no food source in vinyl (a synthetic plastic polymer).

Vinyl also mimics wood fences. Thus, you can choose white picket-style panels for a charming look- without dealing with pests or rotting wood. In other words, maintenance of a vinyl fence is a cinch, as it only requires periodic cleaning with a hose.

This material is also cheaper than concrete, wood, or metal. Thus, vinyl would be a great bet if you’re on a tight budget. Heck, even installation is a breeze, which helps reduce the cost. And if your fence needs repairs, it only calls for slat replacement, and your fence is back in business.

Wrought Iron

Need a timeless look? A wrought iron fence could be the answer – it brings enchanting flair to any property without compromising security. Its ornate designs can also enhance your property’s value, making it a desirable choice amongst many property owners.

Such fences also come with a multi-decade warranty. For instance, F&W Fence Co. offers a 20-year guarantee for your peace of mind. This implies the fence can hold up against harsh elements. In fact, experts surmise that such a fence can last up to 60 years or more.

Wrought iron fences are also easily customizable. Thus, if you’re after a look all your own, you can go for an exclusively tailored fence.

But since wrought iron fences aren’t known for enhancing privacy, they’re mostly suitable for areas where you don’t need to lay low. These might include your garden or deck railing.

Wrought iron is also a costly material. But if you’re not planning to shift soon, it could be the perfect long-term investment for your home. Also, iron is prone to rust. Hence, every few years, have a professional strip down the paint, remove rust, and apply a fresh coat to enhance the look and longevity of your fence.


Few materials can replicate the natural feel and look of wooden fences. To get the most out of such a fence, you may opt for pressure-treated wood – a material that stands up to all types of weather. Alternatively, a professional installer can use pressure-treated posts or metal supports fitted using concrete for extra strength.

Wood provides better privacy than wrought iron fences. Hence, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a secluded spot in your yard.

For a unique look, you may also choose a preferred style, such as a horizontal, vertical, or louvered fence. However, many homeowners prefer pre-made panels and posts from local home improvement stores to save time – since they don’t have to fabricate the fence.

That said, proper installation and maintenance are the key to ensuring your wood fence is strong and serves you well. Thus, consider staining or painting your wooden fence to enhance its protection from the weather. You may also need to inspect it every few months for signs of decay and repair rotting boards with filler or replace them.

Largely, a material’s strength and maintenance requirements determine your fence’s longevity. It’s also advisable to consider your needs and other qualities – besides general durability – such as appearance and resistance to inclement weather. By so doing, you can get more bang for your buck.