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During this pandemic, almost every business procedure that could be moved online, shifted to remote work. But the outsourcing practices are not new. Business owners have been looking for effective remote solutions for years, if not decades. It only gained more popularity since hiring an outside team became as easy as hiring someone to work in the office.

Maybe you as a business owner or a worker have noticed that your IT professionals usually work on short-term problems instead of the big picture? In small companies, developers are even forced to put out fires for the rest of the departments, like with their internet connection, email preferences, and many others. When do they get the time to do the actual work?

From this perspective, it actually makes sense to hire a dedicated team that will work on your projects remotely. Expert teams from respectable companies like Develux can deliver the best results even when they are not physically present in the office all the time! This way, you can be sure that all of their attention will be devoted to developing software.

So what IT outsourcing services from the information technologies sector can actually be outsourced?

What is outsourcing?

In short, the practice of outsourcing means that companies seek outside help for their daily operations. Instead of hiring workers in the office, business owners look for an outside service provider who is residing in another city or even country. Some employers are not ready to give up control over their personnel, but there are some benefits to remote work!

Some research shows that today, more than half of small companies use some form of remote operations for their business. For big corporations, the issue of outsourcing is not even a question. It saves costs, resources, and time for everybody involved. And for small and medium companies, this practice can really be a game-changer!

There are also different categories of contracting experience, which can play a huge role in your business. Here are the most common different types of outsourcing:

  • Here, your employees can work from home or nearest co-working centres.
  • Usually, in this case, the off-site personnel live in the cities or countries near your business. The time difference is not too big, as well as your culture and work ethic.
  • Remote offshoring. This is the most common practice, where contracted employees live very far away from your physical business. The most popular regions for this type of work are Asia and Eastern Europe.

As it was mentioned before, information technologies are one of the most outsourced segments today. There are some reasons for such statistics, like cheaper labor costs in other countries, more tech professionals in developed nations, and so on. Here are some of the most common areas that get outsourced!

Software Development

This is one of the most popular areas of expertise for remote workers. Outsourced IT services are performed by entire development teams, like IT services Franklin Township New Jersey, who will be responsible for your projects from start to finish. This is an excellent investment in your future business! You will save costs and time, and find the best specialists for your budget at the same time.

IT Maintenance

Basically, this is an essential step in any company that already has all systems in place. You would need some experts to manage your daily IT operations, including bug fixes, patches, and updates. This way, your software and apps will be up to date at all times, and your clients won’t have any issues with your business.

IT maintenance is directly connected to security. Your systems and software need to stay updated all the time. If you don’t install the latest patches, you open your operations for a security risk. An outsourced team can take these tasks off your hands. As a business owner, you won’t even have to think about updates, it will be installed automatically by remote workers.

Customer Support

In most cases, business owners outsource parts of their sales and marketing teams to offshore companies. In-house specialists can focus on following the leads, and outcontracted workers can gather more leads for them. More complex cases can be redirected to the in-house sales and IT departments.

This is a very effective practice for product-based organizations. This can be explained by the fact that creating countless leads and making phone calls requires more time than actually following the leads. In this case, your in-house marketing team can attract new clients, and your outcontracted customer support staff improves customer satisfaction levels!

Tech Support

In general, this area of expertise is almost the same as IT maintenance, but not quite. These services are more focused on the client experiences rather than your workers in the office.  At the same time, tech support can provide help to anyone who needs it, like with a server crash, your internet not working, or updates issues.

Keep in mind that you can always control the level at which your remote workers are involved. Some business owners prefer their tech and customer support to be outsourced completely. In this case, in-house departments can be more focused on more demanding projects and make more money in the long run!

Data Security

In recent years, cyber threats have been growing in all spheres. Almost all business is conducted on the internet now, and data is often stored in the cloud. This makes your company and thousands of other organizations extremely vulnerable in the face of the growing dangers of hacking and stealing data.

Your business probably needs to deal with lots of private client information. Also, most companies have their own data that can’t be leaked to competitors. For this reason, cyber security and server protection is among the top needed IT outsourcing services. Just remember that you need to find a reliable agency before giving over the power over your operations!

What IT Services Can Be Outsourced

Why do you need to hire a remote team?

As you can see, almost everything in the information technologies segment can be outsourced to a third party. If you are still not sure why you should look for a remote IT department, here are a couple more reasons:

  • You can get the best experts for your budget and not depending on your living area;
  • Risks will be shared with an outside party, making them liable for their mistakes;
  • Teams from other countries can provide around the clock support to you and your clients;
  • Work relations and other interactions will be simplified to the max;
  • Project management and client support will be under your authority but still performed by a whole other team.
  • Every department will be responsible for their own specific task instead of trying to achieve general long-term goals all at once;
  • Outstaffing gives you more flexibility, saves money, and time in the long run!

To Sum Up

IT outsourcing is a very popular business practice that offers countless benefits. Employers have to consider every little thing before finding a perfect dedicated team. Still, you might find that the results are worth the wait! Together with your shareholders and other department heads, you can figure out what procedures can be outsourced in the nearest future.