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BMW is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after luxury vehicles, due to its smooth drive and advanced features. Its excellent build offers a premium look, providing maximum comfort and style. So, it’s no surprise that you have to pay a pretty penny to add a BMW to your car collection. In fact, a brand-new BMW can cost you a minimum of $60,000.

Therefore, instead of buying a new BMW at high rates, you can purchase one with a salvage title from A Better Bid at an economical cost. A salvaged BMW costs less than a clean title car, as it is officially considered a total loss by an insurance company. Even though some salvage vehicles are not completely damaged, you still have to make specific repairs and get a rebuilt title.

Ready to buy a BMW that falls within your budget? Let’s have a look at your options and why you should spend your money on a salvage BMW.

Salvage vs. Brand New

Salvage vehicles cost at least 40% less than the original vehicle price. This means you can secure a luxurious car even with a low budget. Even though you have to repair the vehicle to make it road-worthy, the final cost would still be less than what you would spend on a brand-new BMW.

Often, insurance companies issue salvage titles to vehicles with fewer significant damages. If you find such vehicles, you can save a huge amount on restoration costs. You can also save on sales taxes and enjoy the premium features of BMW at a low cost.

Top Platforms for Buying Salvage BMW

If you want to buy your salvage BMW from a dependable platform, check out these options:

Auto Auctions

Auto auctions, such as ABB, should be your first stop when buying a salvage title vehicle. ABB is a public online car auction that offers multiple makes and models at wholesale rates. It has more than 300,000 automobiles in inventory, making it easy to find several models of BMW. Just search for the model you want, such as salvage BMW 335i for sale, and see various listings. Next, place the bid on a car that best suits your needs!

ABB is a registered Copart broker that lists vehicles secured from repos, financial companies, rental companies, and dealerships. As a result, you can bid and buy vehicles that are exclusively available to dealerships. The purchase process is also hassle-free, as you can browse listings, select a vehicle, place bids, and finalize your purchase from the comfort of your home.

How to Buy from ABB?

ABB has a simple and effortless buying process. All the proceedings are carried out online, and your purchased vehicle is delivered to your doorstep. To get your salvage BMW from ABB, follow these steps:

  • Visit ABB’s official website
  • Write your first name, last name, email ID, Country, and State for registration
  • Select a membership package (premium, pro, or standard)
  • Make a refundable security deposit to attain buying power
  • Check BMW listings and choose the one that fits your budget
  • Review the vehicle history report (only available for pro and premium members) to learn the vehicle’s specifications and damages
  • Place bids in the daily live auction and make the winning bid
  • Pay the final amount within two business days to avoid a late fee
  • Select a delivery method, as you cannot drive a salvage car
  • Receive your car and start repairs

ABB offers international and national delivery services. You can receive your car at your doorstep anywhere in the USA. For international deliveries, you have to pick up the car from the nearest port.

Car Dealerships

Car manufacturers permit certified car dealerships to sell their vehicles. These dealerships give you the option to buy a brand-new BMW. Purchasing from this platform allows you to inquire about the vehicle’s condition and avoid paperwork associated with title transfer and registration.

However, purchasing a BMW from a dealership has its drawbacks. For example, dealerships charge a higher price compared to auto auctions. You also have to deal with a sales team that pushes you to spend more money.

Private Sellers

Most private sellers do not sell cars for business. Instead, the listed car is the one recently used by the seller. Compared to dealerships, private sellers offer room for negotiations, but you don’t receive guarantees on the vehicle’s condition. As a result, you’ll have to double-check the car or get it inspected by a mechanic to ensure you don’t make a bad deal.

Wrapping Up

BMWs are high-quality luxury vehicles that maintain their perfection over the years. In addition to providing maximum style and comfort, BMW is the safest vehicle to drive. If you want to own this vehicle and stick to your budget, purchase a BMW with a salvage title. You can buy it from auto auctions like ABB, car dealerships, and private sellers.

For most buyers, ABB is the best choice, as it allows you to purchase vehicles at wholesale prices. You also have access to BMW models that most auctions strictly offer to dealerships. The best part about buying from ABB is that you don’t have to visit a site to check options and pick up the car. You can select a car online, study the vehicle history reports, bid, and buy the car digitally. You can also use ABB’s delivery service to receive it at your doorstep!