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Dubai is one of the few densely populated and popular megacities in the world where there are no problems with housing. The real estate market is simply oversaturated with attractive offers, especially if you are not too limited in funds. Urban apartments, studios, penthouses, villas by the sea or private houses surrounded by their own garden, laconic interiors, magnificent interior decoration with gilding – immigrants can realize any dream here. AX Capital at  will help you find luxury apartments in Dubai.

If you are not strapped for money, you can easily find a suitable housing option that would satisfy both your and your family’s needs. In order not to make a rash purchase, you need to check everything carefully. The lease agreement is usually signed for a year, and the desire to terminate it ahead of time will lead to financial losses. We have selected for you the factors that you definitely need to pay attention to when looking for housing.

Types of residential real estate in Dubai

There are three main types of residential real estate in Dubai:

  • If you are a 100% urban resident and do not want to mess with either front gardens or your own gardens, then this option is for you. An average apartment can be rented or purchased cheaper than a villa, of course, if we are not talking about housing located in the very center or by the sea. If you are in hoboken, check apartments for rent in hoboken.
  • This is a cross between an apartment and a private house. This type of housing, very popular in Europe, is also found in Dubai. A townhouse is a low-rise house with several apartments. Each of the apartments has a separate entrance, with a lawn and a front garden adjacent to it, often with a garage.
  • This includes both small private houses with several rooms, and luxury apartments with a private pool, garden, tennis court, etc.

Availability of the infrastructure

If you moved to Dubai not by yourself, but together with your wife and children, then you will probably need a school or kindergarten, playgrounds, a mall or at least a few good shops, a hospital, etc. Beach holidays in the UAE can be enjoyed all year round, but it should be borne in mind that villas and apartments near the Persian Gulf are more expensive. It would not be superfluous to make sure that a good restaurant, a sports club and other establishments are located not too far from your home, which can brighten up the leisure of expats.

What should expats consider when choosing accommodation in Dubai

Proximity to mosques

There are quite a lot of places of worship in Dubai, but you should still try to find housing as far away from mosques as possible. Firstly, you will not hear how the muezzin calls Muslims to obligatory prayers 5 times a day. Secondly, you will not be afraid that you will accidentally offend the feelings of believers who are rushing to prayer. Expats who live near mosques during Ramadan may experience certain difficulties.

Prestige and security of the districts

There are no absolutely dangerous districts in Dubai. The police there maintain order at the highest level, so you should not be afraid of areas remote from the center. If you want to buy an apartment or a villa, then consider the purchase of real estate as a profitable investment, the sale of which will someday be possible to earn, which means you should look at the popular tourist areas of Dubai.

Buying property in Dubai

If you think of investing in property in Dubai, then AX Capital can help you. The real estate agency will provide you with the service of the highest level. Visit Ax Capital website for detailed information about purchasing real estate in Dubai.