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Moving is a part of life. We move for business purposes, to be close to family, or for enhanced education opportunities. No matter why you move, it is best to know a little about your new community before you take up residence there. For those moving to illustrious Pittsburg, CA, here are some of the important things you need to know about the city and the surrounding areas.

How Big Is Pittsburg, CA?

Pittsburg, CA is a remarkably young city with merely 12% of its total population above the age of 65. That means you can expect to see a lot of families and young professionals living in the area. The overall population of the city is currently 76,416 and that is substantially up from the previous 2010 census that showed 63,264 residents. Significant growth over the past 10 years has empowered the people of Pittsburg, CA to invest in their local community which has led to more people moving into the area for a variety of reasons and there are plenty of reasons your family should move to Pittsburg, CA.

Housing in Pittsburg, CA

Finding a home these days can be a challenge no matter where you live. The housing market is ultra-competitive and that is the case in Pittsburg, CA at the moment. For those moving into the area, it is essential to know what you want and pick the right neighborhood for your family. That task can be substantially difficult when home shopping over the internet, but thankfully, there is a way to get exactly what you want without investing in a home to start your move.

Renting before you purchase a home is the way to go when moving into such a competitive home market. The average rental price for Pittsburg, CA hovers around $2000 per month. That might seem high to those moving from other parts of the world, but California rental prices are naturally higher than the national average of $1400 per month. Also, you might have to adjust the home size to fit your monthly budget, bur even if you must downsize for the rental home, for a small amount of time, you can use storage units in Pittsburg, CA to accommodate your seasonal items or simple overflow until you purchase your dream home.

Transportation Needs

There are certain parts of the country that having a personal vehicle is essential, but in Pittsburg, CA many residents go without a motorized personal vehicle. The city is very walkable and bike friendly with ample bike parking and paths to share the road with drivers. Many residents find getting around Pittsburg via biking or walking is faster than driving their own car simply due to road congestion. The advantages to walking and biking are not only environmental or financial, but physical as well and when you can walk in the city, you certainly should.

Alternative transportation opportunities abound in Pittsburg as well. Ride share apps such as LYFT and Uber are available throughout the city and public transportation is abundant as well. The city has invested heavily in both BART and Tri Delta transit lines to assist residents in their daily commuting needs. They even provide a website for residents to use to plan out the most effective transit routes from their homes to anywhere they need to go in the city of Pittsburg, CA.

Parks Everywhere

The design of Pittsburg, CA was not only to allow for easy transportation throughout the city, but also takes full advantage of green spaces. The city boasts 27 recognized parks, so it will not be difficult to find one near your home. Among the most popular parks in Pittsburg, CA is Small World Park. This park is not like all the others. Where it does have picnic areas as all the other parks do, this one is special. Small World Park is home to not just playgrounds, but carnival rides, zip lines, and even a train ride that encompasses the entire park. Small World Park also offers fishing and the ability to rent out the entire park for special events.

Cinema In Town

When you live in Pittsburg, CA, you do not have to venture far to see the latest films. Maya Cinemas offers first run movies with 3 screens to choose form. The cinema is not as large as some theaters, but it is an affordable and enjoyable way to spend an evening with the family or as a date night for you and your significant other.

And a Theatre

If movies are not your go to for entertainment, Pittsburg has you covered there as well. in downtown Pittsburg, the California Theatre has been given new life and opens for shows Tuesday to Friday from noon to 5. The theatre features a wide variety of performing arts and offers a range of options for teaching children about the theatre and its cultural importance.

What About the Weather?

Moving to California means a lot of sunny days and Pittsburg is certainly no exception to this notion. Temperatures rarely rise above 70 degrees with relatively low humidity, so you will be pleasantly surprised with how comfortable it can be throughout the year. Even in the grips of winter, temps do not dip below 40 degrees, so you will not have to invest in intense winter gear. Rain is a rare event here as most days are between 60% and 80% sunshine. Rainy months tend to be November and December with the sunniest month being April.

Pittsburg, CA is an amazing community with a lot to offer its residents. Unlike larger cities, crime rates remain relatively low here, so you can truly enjoy your everyday life. With so much to do and so many opportunities for young people to thrive here, you can enjoy raising your family in a safe, comfortable environment. Pittsburg, CA is growing each year, so make your move as soon as possible and get established in this community driving city.