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Many people in Pakistan and elsewhere suffer from low self-esteem due to scarring. Scarring can occur because of anything— accidents, surgeries, acne, burns, acid attacks or abuse. It is essential for people from all walks of life to find quality dermatological care if they wish to have self-confidence or fit in with their peers.

With Pakistan’s status as a developing country, there is a severe lack of scar clinics in most small towns of the country. However, it is easy to find the best scar treatment in Lahore as it is a developed city.

Overview of Scarring

Scarring is a natural step that occurs as part of the body’s healing process. It results in scar tissue that covers the injury but is often discoloured, raised or swollen in appearance. Some scars heal linearly and do not cause much disfiguration while others produce excess collagen and heal in jagged lines.

Different types of scarring:

  • Acne scars: These are discoloured marks caused by pimples produced by acne.
  • Hypertrophic scars: This consists of scar tissue that is swollen and red.
  • Keloid scars: These are scars that seem disfigured because of overproduction of collagen. They are also unique in that the swelling also escapes the boundaries of the original scar.
  • Contracture scars: Contracture scars need comprehensive treatment and care because the underlying muscles and nerves may also be impaired, further affecting movement and stretching.
  • Fine-line scars: These scars mostly do not need cosmetic procedures to diminish in size and heal well on their own.
scar treatment in Lahore

scar treatment in Lahore

What to know before getting scar treatment:

There are several things that a person must know before they get any of the different types of scar treatment. Those are:

●    The importance of medical history

Most people do not pay attention to filling in details of their family and medical history at the dermatologist’s clinic because they assume that it is not necessary. This is something that can prove fatal in case of an emergency. Emergencies may include an unexpected allergic reaction, a pre-existing condition whose symptoms have been exacerbated by the scar treatment or some medication that has interacted negatively with those involved in scar treatments.

●    Protecting against the Sun

When getting scar treatments in Lahore that involve laser therapy, protecting your skin from the sun is absolutely crucial. Skin that has been sunburnt or tanned causes even greater scars to form, defeating the purpose of the laser treatment. The Lahore sun is extremely hot in the summers and needs to be avoided prior to the laser treatment.

●    Results take time

Not all dermatological procedures give results in under a minute. Some of them take days or even weeks to fully appear. The important thing is to follow the doctor’s instructions and not expose the skin to anything harsh following a scar treatment.

●    Lifestyle changes are essential

Almost all skin procedures involve making some lifestyle changes before and after the procedure. These may include quitting smoking and any supplements that may be being taken, along with avoiding the sun and cutting out aspirin.

●    Ensuring that your budget is able to cover all costs

A wide variety of scar treatments, such as microneedling, face-lifting, Botox, derma-fillers and laser therapy are currently available in scar clinics. Having so many options ensures that the patient has a wide variety of budget options to choose from—choosing one that is the most suitable for their finances and conditions.

●    A complete restoration is nearly impossible

While scar treatments have become much more advanced, it is still improbable for a complete recovery to occur. There is no way in which the skin can be restored to its unblemished state prior to the injury. However, major improvements are observed after scar treatments which makes them such a good choice for people wishing to reduce the colour and shape of their scars.

The aforementioned are general pointers to prepare patients for their dermatological procedures. There are many more specific instructions that only a physician can give, which need to be followed strictly if one wishes to make a complete recovery.