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Concrete is a durable, versatile material that’s perfect for a wide range of building projects. Before beginning your concrete project, however, you’ll need a few tools and materials. Gather the following materials to make your build project easier and more convenient.


You’ll need a durable mixer to keep the concrete at the right texture before pouring it at the intended destination. Proper mixing also ensures the concrete materials maintain their maximum strength and durability, which is important when using it as a building’s flooring, walls, roof, or foundation.


A wheelbarrow may also be necessary for transporting concrete from one part of the job site to another. For some smaller projects, you may even be able to mix the concrete using the wheelbarrow. A couple of shovels of different heights and sizes also allow you to move a small amount of concrete to different pour sites to create an even pour.

Work Boots

Rubber work boots are a must whether you’re working at a concrete job site or actively involved in mixing and pouring the concrete. Concrete is stiff, highly durable, and dries relatively fast. You also need good work boots that protect your feet and prevent you from getting stuck in the concrete.


Durable gloves can also help you keep your hands safe from concrete. Make sure you invest in a good pair of gloves that cover your wrists and arms. Concrete is generally a safe material to use on job sites but may contain chemicals that can be dangerous to some workers. Gloves also help you keep concrete and other building materials away from your face.

Safety Glasses

Don’t forget a good pair of safety glasses. Most job sites require all construction workers and visitors to wear safety goggles anytime they’re on the job site. This is especially important when working with concrete and other building materials. Safety glasses are also a requirement when drilling or sawing concrete materials.

Concrete Pump Truck

A concrete pump truck is one of the best ways to move a lot of concrete around a job site for larger jobs. Concrete pump trucks have pistons and tubes, which means they can move over rougher obstacles and even reach taller projects. Larger projects may also prefer a concrete pump truck because it’s more suited for job sites with a lot of mud or dirt. Even DIY professionals may consider outsourcing a concrete pumping truck to add a professional finish to their projects.

Concrete Conveyor Truck

A concrete conveyor truck is a spacious work truck that’s capable of carrying concrete and other work materials. Concrete conveyor trucks are beneficial for unloading materials into locations that require specific measurements. A conveyor truck can also reduce the labor and materials needed on the job site in Kokomo, Indiana. Professional concrete pump services ensure the materials are poured and finished correctly the first time, saving you money and time.


A compactor helps set the poured concrete into position. Compactors work by applying pressure to the soil to get rid of air pockets. You can typically choose between a roller or flat plate concrete compactor.


A leveler helps you ensure that the poured concrete is even. You may use a leveler before and after pouring the concrete to maintain the right level. A few tape measures can also be helpful to ensure you’re using the right amount of concrete. Under-measuring can make it difficult to work with the concrete since you’ll have to mix up a new batch while the existing concrete is drying. Over-measuring can cause the poured concrete to overflow onto other parts of the property.

Groove Cutters

A groove cutter can help remove any concrete from over-poured areas. Groove cutters work by avoiding damage to nearby concrete areas. A groover cutter is also sometimes used when making repairs to concrete pours. Some job sites may even use groove cutters to create designs or grooves over a large slab of poured concrete.

Kneeling Boards

Kneeling boards will save you and your worker’s knees if you have to bend for a long period of time. You may decide to finish your concrete project with a trowel to create a smooth overcoat. Kneeling boards can also be convenient when working with float blades and edgers.

Concrete is one of the best materials you can use in residential and commercial projects. You’ll need a few essential materials to properly pour and dry concrete materials. Some companies may also choose to outsource their concrete pumping and conveyor services to ensure a durable, premium result.