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Just about everyone must work to get by. A full-time job is not an option, it is a necessity. Employers are obligated to provide a safe, neutral work environment for all employees. Workers should be hired, judged, and promoted based on merit alone. Not only are employers responsible for the way they treat employees, but they are also responsible for the environment they provide for employees to perform.

If there are workers who are ostracizing a group or class of employees in any way for any reason, then the employer has a responsibility to put a stop to it. When that doesn’t happen, they may be subject to a discrimination lawsuit. The Amazon lawsuit shows that discrimination in the workplace can take many forms, but it must not be tolerated on any level. Here’s a little more about the type of discrimination employees were experiencing before filing their Amazon lawsuit.

Feeling Unsafe and Unheard

Multiple employees working at Amazon warehouse fulfillment centers are beginning to levy public complaints of harassment and discrimination against their employer. Black employees working at an Illinois fulfillment center say they have been experiencing discrimination and threats of violence despite reporting the harassment to supervisors. After receiving death threats, many of these employees requested better security at the warehouse facility. Unfortunately, they were denied that request and told their only option was to leave work for the day.

Amazon’s Dirty Secrets

Several employees at this fulfillment center encountered a hostile work environment and endured extensive emotional distress. Other employees were allowed to wear clothing with Confederate Flags and write offensive racially motivated threats on bathroom stalls. Black employees endured constant threats of violence and hostile conditions.

Latin workers comprise about three quarters of Amazon’s workforce at many warehouse fulfillment center locations. These Latin coworkers and supervisors are allegedly behind most of the racial slurs and abuses perpetrated, although Amazon has done nothing to stop their behavior. According to complaints, Amazon is attempting to sweep these complaints under the rug.

Retaliation Threats

Employees who felt unsafe in this hostile work environment did not stay quiet. Multiple complaints were filed with Amazon management teams, many of whom were also Latin American. Complainants allege that they were denied security even after multiple requests and told their only option was to go home. They also allege they received additional threats and harassment after speaking out about the unfair treatment. These employees say they were told that they signed agreements that prevent complaints against Amazon and they would be fired for continuing to speak out.

Join the Amazon Lawsuit Today

If you are an Amazon employee who feels they have been violated by harassment or discrimination at work, you do have options. You may document any instances of harassment or evidence of discrimination at work. Take the time to review Amazon’s protocols and policies for reporting this type of abuse and follow the proper channels. Consult an experienced employment discrimination attorney who can help represent your rights in the Amazon lawsuit. While specific laws and jurisdictions may vary, acceptable treatment of colleagues and employees does not. Join the Amazon lawsuit and demand to be treated appropriately at work in their warehouses.