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While we are currently in the middle of a tech revolution, some things in the world of commerce never change and one of those is attire. What you wear says a lot about you and first impressions count, which is why top entrepreneurs and managers always look their best.

Made to measure business suits

You are only a few mouse-clicks away from the best custom suits in Sydney from a leading established tailor. If you look good and you know it, your self-confidence goes through the roof and that stands you in good stead. Invest in quality tailored business shirts and a wide selection of neckties for those formal boardroom meetings. Off-the-shelf solutions rarely fit properly and if you want to impress when you are attending meetings, custom business suits are essential.

Pay attention to detail

When dressing for an important business event, make sure your socks are clean and your shoes are polished. A necktie should be in place, along with cufflinks and a good watch, you should look like you belong in the boardroom. Hair is also important, have a trim the day before an important meeting; think about how you respond when meeting someone in a business environment, you check out their dress, without realising, taking note of fingernails and any jewellery.


Some men have a few hundred business ties; add a few every time you visit your tailor and you will amass a decent selection; lots of plain colours, with some width variation; make sure you master the art of tying the knot; there are several ways; Google and YouTube have you covered.

Forming business relationships

Sharp dressers make the right connections and it is those first impressions that can make the difference. If you are stuck for ideas, search the web for stylish business suit styles and ask a tailor to show you a few images. Of course, we all have our own individual style, which we incorporate into the dress code of the event in question; your cut of suit should be immaculate and using a leading Sydney tailor is the way to go.

Inspire colleagues

If you are always sharply dressed, this will rub off on those around you and they will raise their game, which is a win-win. People need leaders in every department and dress is everything when it comes to projecting the right image. Click here for a review of festival fashion through the ages.

Online solutions

If you are looking for a custom tailor. Google can help put you in touch with a leading Sydney tailor and you can visit the shop to be measured up and to select fabrics and styles. Typically, you would need to revisit the shop for a first fitting and minor alterations might be made at this stage. Fitted shirts can also be ordered from the same tailor and you get to choose the fabric. Frequent purchasing ensures your wardrobe expands and this gives you more in terms of choice.