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Bangkok Thailand is a bustling modern metropolis that sits in the heart of Southeast Asia, an ideal location for anyone wishing to do business in the Asia-Pacific or South Asia region. Bangkok is an international hub with flights going in and out daily to all corners of the globe, and the city itself features some of the best local transport infrastructure to be found anywhere, getting around town is a breeze! Bangkok is home to a wealth of cultural, entertainment, dining, and shopping attractions, and is populated by some of the world’s friendliest and most welcoming people, all add up to make the city a very attractive destination for commercial ventures!

Considering all of that,  it’s no surprise that the city attracts a large number of foreign business ventures, you can always find a meeting room in Bangkok full of eager international entrepreneurs who have come to be part of the city’s economic miracle! Bangkok truly is a great place to do business, so let’s consider some of the draws that make it that way!

Welcoming Economy – Thailand as a whole, and Bangkok’s entrepreneurial community in particular, is a very welcoming society that is highly receptive to foreign businesses interested in opening up operations here. The Thai business system and its infrastructure are always ready and willing to welcome you and your company, and will be very helpful when it comes to getting you started, it’s a win-win situation when newcomers join their growing economic dynamo, and add their unique expertise to its success.

Diversified Manufacturing – Bangkok boasts a robust and highly diversified manufacturing sector that is able to produce a wide variety of goods. To name just some of what the city and its surroundings have to offer, there are factories producing rubber, furniture, fish products, plastics, jewellery, machinery, and food products from the country’s abundant rice, tapioca, and sugar cane harvests. Its penchant and prowess for industrial production has catapulted Bangkok to the forefront of regional manufacturing, ensuring its place at the top of the Southeast Asian commerce and trade sphere.

Pro-active Government Policies – Thailand’s overall government as well as Bangkok’s local administration when compared to many nearby nations and cities are surprisingly forward thinking and innovative in their approach to foreign investment. They see the enormous value that offshore companies opening offices within their borders bring in regards to promoting development and socioeconomic advancement, and are keen to welcome their operations. The governing authorities have made great efforts to make the nation a focal point of regional and global success, and that means fostering a favourable environment that welcomes foreign businesses and organizations.

Dedicated Workforce – The Thai people are dedicated workers who you can depend on to bring their best to your company. The workforce is highly skilled, educated, and eager to help your company achieve its best success in their country, they take pride in it!

In closing, we hope we have inspired you and your company to consider Bangkok’s ability to offer a wealth of possibilities and opportunities for growth and success!