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A fax is a technical device used to send and receive documents at any distance. During its operation, the document is first scanned. The data is converted into electrical signals. Then it is encrypted and sent via electronic communication channels. At the time of reception, the fax works like a modem and a printer – it decrypts the received signal and prints the document on paper.

Facsimile transmission of documents has become widespread in recent decades. Previously, it was used in a very limited field of activity due to its high cost and specific features. Today facsimile transmission is actively used in various fields and it is obvious that this trend will continue in the future.

A good alternative to bulky fax machines today is a mobile fax app. It allows sending fax through iPhone in minutes. The ability to send and receive fax from iPhone is valuable for any business employee who deals with documentation.

Read on and find out why it is still popular to send business documents through fax in 2022 and what are the advantages of a fax app over a fax machine.

The Role of Fax in Business: Why It’s Important for Business Representatives to Send Files Via Fax

Today it is difficult to find an organization that would not use faxes in its business process. Fax is the most popular means for the rapid exchange of information presented in the form of documents.

Its first and main advantage is the ability to transfer a document to anywhere in the world in one minute. No postal service can provide such promptness. The second advantage is the much lower delivery costs compared to the cost of courier or postal services. The third advantage is simplicity. Once the connection is established, you can send the document with a single keystroke.

If we talk about quality, then modern facsimile standards provide the transmission of an image that is quite comparable to the original. But this can only be achieved with good telephone lines.

Basic Difficulties in Using Fax Machines

Despite the advantages of faxing, there are a number of difficulties that can arise when you send files via a fax machine:

  • High maintenance costs. Fax machines need paper, ink, toner, and some other equipment to be able to send and receive faxes;
  • A landline phone number is required. The fax machine cannot work if it is not connected to a landline phone number;
  • Does not scale as your business grows. With a traditional fax machine, it is not possible to send a fax to multiple recipients at the same time. This drastically reduces the productivity of your business if you have to deal with sending and receiving high-volume faxes;
  • Faxes are not available everywhere. You can only access incoming faxes if you are near the fax machine. At the same time, there is no way to receive urgent faxes when you are out of the office or taking a day off;
  • High fees for international faxes. If you need to send faxes abroad, you need to consider international fees;
  • Fax machines are not economically sound. They automatically print all faxes, even spam files. If you’re planning on becoming a cost-effective company, you really should consider saying goodbye to your fax machine.

Faxing Application as the Best Alternative to a Fax Machine

If your business requires sending and receiving faxes on a regular basis, but you don’t want to keep using a fax machine, choose its best alternative – the fax app. It will not only help you transfer documents faster and more securely, but also improve the overall productivity of your business processes.

Consider the advantages of a fax application:

  • Good economy. No maintenance costs, no need for a telephone line, paper, ink, or toner;
  • Possibility to send and receive faxes around the clock. Unlike fax machines, online fax gives you access to fax documents on your device, as well as allows you to quickly send and receive faxes anytime, anywhere;
  • More secure and compatible. With an iPhone faxing, only intended recipients can access incoming faxes. Depending on the online fax service you choose, all your fax files may be encrypted as an additional layer of security;
  • Increasing the productivity of team members. With a traditional fax machine, it is not possible to organize faxed documents and send the same fax to multiple recipients at the same time. However, online fax allows you to do this without any problems.

Final Remarks

We live in an information society. There are many electronic devices around us. One of these is the fax machine. It is a device that transmits images of various documents through telephone lines. Facsimile communication does not lose its relevance today. Fax is widely used in the business sector due to the fact that it provides quick transmission of important documents, does not require a lot of costs, and is easy to use.

Nevertheless, modern technologies are able to completely replace fax machines. Today, the faxing app is gaining more and more use. It makes receiving and sending files even simpler, more accessible, and faster. Fax online in your phone is a great opportunity to save time on routine work with documentation and optimize business operations. Start using it and reap the benefits!