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As far as enjoyable events go, weddings hold a top spot in the hearts of many. It’s not just the fact that it’s celebrating a new couple, but the fact that a lot of the traditional conventions surrounding a typical one are very enchanting. The venue chosen is basically the template – it, therefore, is very important for planners to pick one that is in congruence with the theme and mood of the wedding.

What is a walled garden wedding?

A walled garden wedding is one that is done in…a walled garden (you guessed right). Gardens are typically known for being tranquil places; places in which people can find clarity and seek mental fortitude and serenity in relative solitude. It’s not as explosive as an engagement party, or as august as a royal wedding, but the romantic experience and camaraderie that can be constructed in a place with these basic features would definitely be an indelible one. The guests, the couple, and the working staff would remember it for the rest of their lives.

Benefits of a wedding in a walled garden

A walled garden wedding opens the wedding planners up to a lot of possibilities for performance. It makes a lot of choices easier to decide and creates a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Benefits of a wedding in a walled garden include;

  • It shows an eco-conscious couple

With climate change staring us in the face, the onus lies on each person to make decisions that check the pace at which it approaches. A garden wedding can be an all-natural choice that perpetuates that responsibility, and it doesn’t merely serve as an alternative only – it engages everyone who attends it. Nobody who has ever had one felt like they missed out on anything.

  • Money is saved in a lot of aspects

If our race is mandated to showcase the most beautiful parts of our interactions with nature, the existence of gardens would be our collective magnum opus. Gardens are incredibly, intensely beautiful. They need no decor, need no brush-up, and have all the various elements of romance that usually have to be artificially introduced into the setting of other weddings. Having a garden wedding, you save some money because any decoration that you decide to add would be appropriate. Electricity and lighting aren’t a problem because the place is absolutely bathed in ample natural light. The acoustics are also incredible so voices can carry on without PA systems.

  • The photographs come out beautiful

Even at indoor weddings, photo booths and other artificial setups are constructed so that the couple can take their pictures with a natural background. A skilled photographer/editor would also need to be hired so that glare from the artificial lights would not alter skin tones. With walled garden venues, you do not have to worry about any of that. Even though the couple of the day might be in monochrome, the garden colours would introduce more vividity into the setup.

  • It is a suitable area for both the wedding and the reception

The wedding is the main ceremony, the reception is the revelry after. More often than not, there has to be a commute to a different venue after the vows are said (it probably stems from trying to avoid the iconoclasm of carousing in a church). Walled garden venues are perfect spots where solemn affairs and merriment can take place within hours of each other.

  • They are very elegant

The closest thing to a fairytale wedding in our world is a grand wedding at an extremely high-end venue where distinguished guests mingle with each other. What makes these events so classy isn’t the amount expended in renting these places, but the elegance and beauty that is maintained within. You can replicate this with a garden wedding just as easily if you want to. There is a magnificence about wedding in a walled garden that would be hard to find anywhere else.

  • You can have one in all seasons

The trouble with outdoor wedding venues is that they are extremely subject to changes in the weather and this can either make or mar the event. Imagine a beach wedding during the rain – the guests occasionally slipping in puddles and the bride’s dress being marked with mud. You experience no such problems in a walled garden. The event is slightly covered, and each season looks great within. In winter, spring, summer and autumn, the plants around would undergo changes that each give unique touches to your wedding look.

  • You can match the event with a lot of themes

A walled garden wedding allows for a large creativity threshold. The natural beauty of the venue is the perfect template on which to introduce embellishments. While there are themes that might be off-limits for a walled garden wedding, planners can take inspiration from a large variety of places, things and similar events to incorporate into the wedding. Each is just as beautiful and engaging as the other, the only problem might be that you would have to give up numerous good options and pick one only.

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