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No matter if you’re a private landlord or manage multiple properties in a city, you know about the many challenges of property management. Managing real estate, tenants, complaints, and local laws proves expensive, emotionally draining, as well as time-consuming. If you are a landlord and own properties, you are at an advantage. That’s because according to article an article published in Entrepreneur, properties appreciate over time and one of the major benefits is the ROI. Then, you need to manage your apartments or houses with the assistance of a property management firm.

Knowledge of actual and current market value

From the landlord’s perspective, not knowing the reasonable sum of rental earnings can lead to infinite worries. Even if you compare properties, the results could be misleading concerning the terms of the rental agreement. When you choose the services of a property management company, you know exactly what a house or apartment is worth today.

Sometimes, landlords overestimate the value of their property resulting in very few customer viewings. If you price your apartment more than the market value, it is detrimental to your business. This is where a property manager comes into play. He helps in deciding the right rental income or property value if you want to rent out or sell.

Again, if you price your property too low to get more views, it affects your rental income in the future. For example, five years down the line if you want to sell your apartment home, a past low quote will make it difficult for you to ask for a higher sale or rental price later. So, consult a property management expert in Oakland to do competitive pricing, a firm with the right data to justify the price for your property.

Known and well-known contacts

A reliable property management firm will always negotiate promising agreements with various parties that effectively and quickly perform any kind of repairs. This way, you cannot fall victim to the whims of an unknown firm simply because the contacts are known. A property manager will use the right contacts to ensure the right tenant placement as well as a fair monthly rental income.

Marketing expertise

As a landlord, there is a high chance that some of your real estate units or villas have not been sold. The reason is the lack of smart marketing. A property management firm will place your ads at strategic places and channels to ensure a fast sale. Today, various online portals and platforms attract homebuyers for quick sales.

A property manager has the right contacts and this is necessary when it comes to marketing your properties. A real estate property management firm will help you gain a competitive advantage through intelligent marketing to place your property right in front of your targeted audience. All this is not possible on your own because you have to look into the growth of your real estate business.


Now that you have read about some of the benefits of working with a property management company, collaborate and start earning competitive rental income.