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Are you looking for the most vibrant, cleanest, safest and, above all, livable city to live in here in Canada? Well, it’s time to end your quest because we now have Calgary. Calgary is the biggest cosmopolitan city in the western province of Alberta and one of the biggest cities countrywide. If you are looking for a new place to start life, study, get a retirement home or relocate to Calgary has to be on the bucket list. The city offers a lot on its plate and is one place you’ll enjoy staying.

Getting a Calgary pre construction homes  are highly recommended when moving to Calgary, but why all that hype and positive reputation about Calgary? There has to be a reason why Calgary is called the best city in Alberta. This article has all the complete information on what contributes to Calgary’s good reputation.

Facts and statistics about Calgary

Calgary is the largest and most populous city in the entire Alberta province. The city currently has a population of 2 million persons and covers an area of 825.3 km2.In those spaces, over 180 neighbourhoods within the city carry all sorts of ethnicity ranging from Asians, Africans, Arabs, Latin Americans, and so on.

Besides that, Calgary is a multi-lingual city that different host ethnicities that speak different languages. Therefore, to make a uniform and common language, the main languages spoken in the city include; English, French, and other unofficial languages from minority communities. Calgary carries all sorts of individuals regardless of working class, age or ethnicity.

Factors making Calgary the best place to live in

In case you are still on the fence and reluctant to make a move to Calgary, consider checking out the following factors that perhaps could change your mind;

Calgary has proximity to major destinations.

Calgary is a perfect place to call home, especially if you are a guy who loves to do plenty of things. The city is located close to other major cities, such as Vancouver. These major cities make it convenient to run errands perfectly, access services and items not available within Calgary and do other things easily.

On top of that, Calgary has perfectly located, neighbouring the top tourist destination in Alberta province. If you are the outdoor guy, you’ll love it since things to do are more than enough. We’ve got top destinations such as Banff national park and Canmore. That makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as snowboarding, ice skating, skiing, hiking, and cycling during summer. Get a pre-construction home in Calgary and enjoy all that.

Calgary’s economy is friendly and vibrant.

Calgary is a perfect destination for those who value the economic side of a place before moving. Luckily, Calgary’s economic setting is perfect for easy handling, even for low-income earners. The city has plenty of revenue-collecting and income-generating sectors, such as energy, financial services, tourism, manufacturing, real estate, and retail. That makes Calgary enjoy a healthy economic status that can handle its population perfectly. There are many job opportunities, affordable services and low taxes for small-scale retailers. Secure a pre construction condo in Calgary and enjoy that financial freedom available.

The transport sector is perfect.

Another reason you need to move to Calgary is the streamlined transport system in the city. One of the major challenges facing most modern cities is congestion resulting from a choking traffic system. However, Calgary has made it easier for its residents by investing in the transport sectors that have decongested the city, making the traffic flow seamlessly. Calgary’s C Train is one of the recent and modern advancements in the transport system in the city. Now one can easily move through the city from whichever point so well.

Top-tier cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of the highly prioritized things the city upholds daily, every day. That is by no mistake why Calgary was named the cleanest city in 2007 by Forbes. The city’s sewer system is always up and running, with checks and maintenance going all now and then. Also, littering has been managed by setting up litter-collecting zones, dustbins and other litter management services. The city has also tightened its ropes on littering fines, making them so hefty that citizens now have to look after each other to avoid getting in trouble.

In addition, the C Train has reduced the number of personal cars on the road, making the city greener. The C train is also powered by wind power, reducing toxic emissions. Cleanliness brings peace of mind, making it perfect for new construction homes in Calgary.


Calgary is the best city you can call home here in Alberta regions. The city harbours all sorts of individuals regardless of ethnicity, working class, age, and personality. Calgary is a perfect city for students thanks to the many educational facilities set up in the city. Also, new professionals find Calgary suitable for exploring their professions thanks to the many available opportunities.

If you are looking for a place to stay, explore plenty of things, and live happily with your family, then it must be Calgary. The city’s real estate is top-notch, thanks to the many pre-construction homes available. Check out our website @G1Homes for more insight on available units in Calgary.