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Wheelchair users will want to use their mobile device wherever they go, whether it’s to the shops, on holiday or even to work. As being able to transport an electric wheelchair is so vital for the user, ensuring that they are lightweight and can be easily transported is an important characteristic of any electric wheelchair! If a chair is too heavy or cannot be folded up, it is likely that the device will be extremely hard to move into a car or take on an aeroplane. To ensure that an electric wheelchair user is able to use their device wherever they go, it is vital to ensure that you purchase a model that is light in weight!

Can Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs Be Used in All Types Of Terrain?

Yes, the lightweight electric wheelchairs that have been designed by Ephesus are able to move over all types of surfaces, even venturing into locations with the toughest terrain! The hardy and specially designed wheels on the Ephesus all-terrain electric wheelchair have been added to ensure that even over rocky and uneven surfaces, the device will be able to move with ease, keeping the user comfortable and safe!

What Are The Other Features You Should Consider When Choosing an Electric Wheelchair?

Battery life is an extremely important thing to consider when it comes to choosing an electric wheelchair. The battery life of the device will determine how far an individual can travel before the wheelchair will need to be recharged. The Ephesus lightweight folding electric wheelchair can travel for up to 15.5 miles on a single battery, offering a long-lasting option for those who plan to use the device to travel far distances.

Along with the importance of having a device that has a long-lasting battery, it is also important that the electric wheelchair model that you purchase is comfortable. The device should have supportive padding that will support your back properly, allowing you to travel with ease and comfort! The Ephesus electric wheelchair models are extremely comfortable and have been designed with the user in mind!

All The Features You Are Looking For in Electric Wheelchairs Are in Ephesus Electric Wheelchairs!

As a provider of the best lightweight electric wheelchair models on the market today, Ephesus is a great brand to purchase from if you are looking into purchasing an electric device. With all the features you would want to be able to function and operate normally in the world, this device has been known to give individuals with mobility issues the freedom and independence to live a better and fuller life! For more information on the different features of the Ephesus electric wheelchair, head on over to their websites and have a look at the models sold!