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The Nomos Club collection, which includes Nomos Club Campus and Nomos Club Neomatik, has been paid attention for a while, right now it is making its way toward the light. Nomos, a German watchmaker’s association, is known for its artificer, minimalist design, inner movement. During our exploration for our review of the Nomos Club, in our opinion, the collection of clubs provides a point of extremely reasonable value and price that makes no sense (in a good way). We will determine the specifications, features, pricing latterly in our Nomos Club review. But I suppose it’s important to start with why we are writing this composition. When we went through some limited editions of the Nomos Club collection, we found out that it was a watchmaker never failed to surprise. If you a fan of the nomos club, then come here to find your favourite watch.

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked to a watchmaker about watches, but it’s the first time I’ve seen someone enjoying a watch when he was sitting at a table. There was commodity about Nomos and especially the Nomos Club collection that got him agitated. It made me want to learn further.

Nomos Club

Nomos club and other inner mobility

Maybe there is not just one Nomos watch or the outlook, that can fascinate people. But all Nomos watches’ inner movement can draw the attention of people, such as the Alpha Caliber. All Nomos Club watches are kept in the stir within the country. As the brand grows,  they can invest in their product and cleverly spend on the main issue, their movement. You’ll find on the Nomos website that there are awesome performances of the club collection. These watches are equipped with new mechanical movements which are restated from German into English as”New Automatic”. The specific quality in Nomos Club Neomatik is DUW 3001. Not only is the quality domestically manufactured and offered at a reasonable price by Nomos, but it has also been designed thoughtfully.

  • Movement Automatic
  • 2 mm
  • 8 mm
  • Power reserve 43 hours
  • Jewelry 27
  • Performance Standing94.2

Features of Color dials

There’s no doubt that Nomos wanted to make the club collection youthful and delightful. The stylish way to achieve this goal is to provide enough color options for the dials. However, Nomos Club Campus and Neomatik references still come with initial white and black, do not worry!

Brinkers Jewelers Nomos Club 48 Limited Edition

What I really appreciate about these dials is that they’re perfected. It’s clear that once you take a look at the entire collection, the colors are precisely named and match the watch design and the target followership that will be buying them.

Attraction of Case

You’ll be an addict to Nomos Club if you are crazy in love with small to medium sized watches. Even the watches vary in size, but they range in size from small wrists to larger bones. The following case compasses are as follows; 36 mm, 37 mm, 38 mm,41.5 mm, and 42 mm. Although the case size goes up to 42 mm, utmost are made in 38 mm size.