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While we would consider it normal for people to move from rural into urban areas, for the purpose of work, we are now seeing the opposite, with working singles and couples relocating to the countryside. The main reason for this is remote working; many professionals are able to work from home, thanks to the Internet and when you don’t have to go to the office, why not relocate to a place of natural beauty?

VoIP Communication

Thanks to VoIP platforms, employees can have real-time video meetings with their managers and complete their work remotely. Voice over Internet Protocol technology enables video and audio data to be transmitted over the Internet, which means you can enjoy real-time video calls; online collaboration is a game-changer and more and more companies are allowing employees to work remotely.


If you have lived and worked in Sydney for most of your life, you could sell your home and buy a small holding in a rural region. Land is quite cheap in remote regions of Australia and if you sell your urban property, you should have enough to invest in a small farm. When you look out of the window, you now see an Australian barn shed instead of a row of houses and you could learn some form of farming; it’s never too late the change your life for the better.

Organic Farming

This is another reason people are moving out of the suburbs; a young working couple might calculate the equity in their home and with one party working remotely, they hatch a plan to set up a small organic farm. With a stable income, they are able to get through the first few months, which is critical to the long-term prospects. Some couples choose to lease the land and invest their capital in setting up a small organic farm, which can be expanded in the future. The consumer is educated and the demand for organically grown fruit and vegetables is rising, which motivates young entrepreneurs and with the price of land much more affordable in rural areas. Instead of paying a mortgage in the city, set up a farm business using the capital from the real estate sale and you can look forward to a healthy lifestyle and a secure future. Click here for an article on cute Australian animals.

Searching for a healthier lifestyle

A lot of people are looking for a healthier lifestyle; they have had enough of the rat race and if there is a way to relocate to the country, many would take it. You might be able to get a grant from the government if you are planning to set up a small organic farm, which is a big incentive.

Experts are unsure as to whether this will be an ongoing trend, only time will tell. If the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables keeps rising, there is every reason to expect to see a growing number of organic farms.