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Workplace safety culture has a lot deeper meaning than just vocalizing the health and safety rights of employees. Its principles highlight commitment, sincerity, compassion, and care.

Organizations that follow safety training practices keep their employees contended, satisfied, and encouraged. On the other end, the employees invest their complete dedication. This enhances the productivity ratio of the firm and saves costs.

In the US, companies have to pay hefty insurance fees for each employee who gets into any on-site injury or illness. In the case of a serious accident or death of a worker, the firm is likely to be charged with a criminal offense. Hence, it’s important to make sure that your place of work is safe and that you are educated enough to protect your life and those of the people around you.

How Does Safety Training Prevent Workplace Accidents

According to the survey, around 17% of employees in the US have never received any safety and health fitness training. Moreover, there are several small and mid-size companies that fail to comply with OSHA safety standards, due to which the rates of worker death and accidents continue to prevail in the region.

Back in 2017, companies faced nearly 194 million cumulative production delays and uncountable deaths with serious injuries.

Among the most common workplace accidents, slip-falls, electrocution, and explosions are some of the most detrimental accidents that can lead to lifelong injuries and deaths.

Hence, to overcome these issues, there is a need to go with OSHA safety compliance and to aim for making workforce safety training a norm.

OSHA Online Certification For Workplace Safety

Occupational Safety and Health Administration offers employee safety training online that helps them learn about the workplace hazards and all safety measures. It aims to educate and guide all employers and employees to follow legal policies and standards to make the lives of workers secured.

There are two types of safety courses – 10 Hour training course and 30 Hour safety course. Here each one of them comes with a bundle of benefits and ways to ensure workplace safety culture.

Increased Hazard Awareness

No matter which industry you belong to, it’s important to be aware of possible workplace hazards. A loose cable, a broken cord, an open electrical fire, a leaking machine, or an outdated tool; anything can cause an injury, major or minor. Hence, you must know what areas of work are involved, what safe practices are, and what one should do at the time of an emergency. It’s important to have a complete understanding of the job and the place where you work.

Through OSHAOutreachCourses, employees learn about the ins and outs of their industry and get more aware efficiently.

Why OSHAOutreachCourses is the Preferred Choice for Workplace Safety Training

Reducing Accident and Injury Incidence

The OSHA training course has a detailed list of topics. It guides about fall protection, fire accidents, slips and falls, electrical equipment handling, machinery, and the legal policies which an employee and an employer are bound to follow. This not only guides the employee but makes them aware to evaluate the firm where they are working at. The OSHA standards are turning the workplace into a safer environment where strict compliance is a must.

As per OSHA statistics, workplace fatalities have reduced by 60% and the injuries and illnesses rates by 40%. Moreover, at the same time the employment rate in the U.S has doubled from 56 million workers to 105 million workers.

Enhanced Productivity

When you keep your organization in complaint with the OSHA health and safety standards, there is less employee downtime. Each employee gives complete dedication and works with enhanced energy. This generates a better productivity level and ensures faster turnaround time. Secured premises and a safe worksite keeps employees safe from illnesses, injuries, and accidents. This also helps boost employee morale.

Moreover, as you stay away from penalties and charges, you get more attention and time to focus on growth-generating ideas and campaigns. You invest in areas that can help your business grow without any problem at all. Hence, through, you get the certificate of being a safe workplace for employees and get to train your teams to perform well and be vigilant.

Lower Employees Turnover Rates

The next important benefits companies get through the training sessions of OSHAOutreachCourses is a lower employee turnover rate. When an employee feels confident, safe, and stay healthy coming to work at your firm, they would never want to switch their jobs. They would feel more valued and connected to the organization.

They would cherish every day and feel valued as the firm shows more concern for their health and wellness. That’s why it’s important to keep your employees and their health as your priority so that your workforce can generate the expected productivity and perform immaculately.

A Cost-Effective Solution To Employee Training brings to you a highly affordable employee safety training solution. They offer discount packages to organizations who want training packages for their employees. Moreover, you get to attend each class as per your convenience. No need to get stuck in the traditional training methods. Get online and view each course, topic and lesson. Through interactive visuals and learning resources, candidates grasp information more effectively.

OSHAOutreachCourses has two main programs the OSHA 10 Hour training session and the OSHA 30 Hour training classes, each one ends with a detailed assessment. Upon completion employees get a certificate and an OSHA card that adds more value to their career opportunity. In the US it’s important to be certified irrespective of which industry you belong to. In the construction industry, there are many possible worksite hazards and employees should have the education and knowledge to complete their work while staying safe.

The same goes for firms as well. The construction organisations are bound to follow all OSHA standards and with OSHAOutreachCourses it becomes simply easy. Within 30 Hours you get the complete knowledge and the eligibility to be called a reliable and authentic firm. So, it’s time to decide.