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Web hosting serves as a crucial cog to ensure that your business’s internet space operates efficiently, which is essential to success in our digital world. WordPress hosting is still one of the leading services applied for by businesses and individuals.

We can define a web host, or web hosting service provider, as a business that provides tools and services needed for a website to be available on the internet. A web host stores your websites on servers. When visitors access your site, these servers will display it on the user’s computer accessing it.

Countless web hosting services are available with different packages for different prices. With many websites being hosted worldwide, you need to know that you’re choosing the right provider that offers equal amounts of security, features, and cost.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should care about choosing the right service provider

Speed is the name of the game

As internet speeds increase, so does the demand for rapid website load times. Site page speed is even more important to Google’s site ranking criteria. Google revealed prior that site speed is a huge factor for ranking pages on Google. Based on the type of business, your Google search results rank will affect your site page’s loading speed.

Sites loaded under 5 seconds get 70% longer average session lengths and 35% lower bounce rates than sites that took longer than five seconds. Therefore, a slow site could be catastrophic for your conversion rate.

Your choice of the web hosting company will affect load time and your potential customers. A good hosting provider will positively impact your page’s loading speed, helping your Google ranking. Since time is money, it’s important to be as fast as possible on the web.

Site security

Site security cannot be overstated. WordPress hosting has been a tremendous help as a modern website builder and host since its security measures can be tweaked based on a business’s or individual’s needs. A secure website will put you and your customers’ minds to ease. Statista revealed in their July 2020 report that over 4.57 billion people had internet access worldwide. As more people access the internet, transactions are being conducted online. Nasdaq reported that by 2040, around 95% of purchases would be facilitated by e-commerce.

As e-commerce and online transactions continue, so will security threats increase. It’s more important to secure your website, which starts with your web host. A web host can supply you with various tools and technologies to protect you and your site visitors from threats.

Backup and support

Server crashes and down site is the worst thing that can happen to your website? It would help if you had proactive support to get it back up and working as fast as possible. If the site host’s server crashes and your data isn’t backed up properly, you could lose everything.

WordPress hosting and many top providers have an uptime guarantee of about 99.9%, so anything less than that means that you may be looking at the wrong web host provider. Besides downtime, many other website management issues can arise as you learn backend management. Your hosting provider should be available 24/7 since the internet doesn’t sleep.

The right web host will save you money and time to maximize your business potential. While there are many hosting providers available for WordPress hosting, it’s wise to go with those that already have a good track record and proven expertise in ensuring speed, security, and support.