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How do you create amazing assignments when you’ve been stumped about how to do so? As a student, you probably feel like this happens to you more often than you would like. This is the case, and it does! In order to help you out, let’s look at the steps you can take in order to create an assignment that will impress your professor and earn you the highest marks on your exam.

Start with a good question.

You should start with a good question. A good question will be open-ended, relevant to the syllabus, and engaging for other students. It’s also important to pick a question relevant to the teacher and syllabus objectives. If you have chosen a question, then it’s time for you to brainstorm ideas about how to answer your selected topic or issue in your essay assignment.

Limit the number of questions.

Keeping the number of questions on assignments to a minimum is a good idea because it is very important for students to complete their assignments within a short period of time. And keep their ideas on a certain premise that doesn’t sound too vague or confound the reader. But if you feel you can’t write it on your own, you can always consult assignment writers before you hit the deadline.

Link the assignment to syllabus objectives.

The first and most important part of creating a great assignment is to link it to syllabus objectives. You should be able to explain how the assignment supports each syllabus objective. The goals of your assignment should be clearly stated, and you should know how you will assess whether or not those goals have been met. In addition, you should have clear deadlines for when assignments are due in order to complete them in a timely manner.

Consider a large-scale assignment.

The teacher can create assignments that require students to apply their skills and knowledge in a large-scale context. For example, the teacher could assign students to work in groups or with classmates to complete a research project or bring in concepts from different classes. If this is something the teacher would like to do, consider how it will benefit the goals for the subject and make sure that it aligns with any assessment requirements for the subject.

Also, select the best topic for the assignment you have received from your professor or supervisor. A good topic makes it easier for you to organize your thoughts and ideas, which will make it easier for you to write about them in an organized manner. If a particular topic is difficult or complicated, consider doing some research on related topics so that they become simpler to understand before writing about them.

Determine an appropriate length for the assignment.

Assignments should be between 1 and 2 weeks long. It’s best to keep assignments short, giving students a chance to get some writing practice before the syllabus ends. Of syllabus, how many assignments the teacher wants the students to write (and what kinds of things they should write about) is up to you. But if you’re just starting out with this kind of activity, we suggest limiting yourself to one or two assignments per week.

Assignments are usually between 1 and 2 pages long (though exceptions can be made depending on the subject). You can also give up some page space by using shorter paragraphs and sentences throughout your assignment, making it easier for readers who aren’t familiar with academic writing conventions—including your teacher!

The point is: don’t try so hard that your work becomes less interesting because it’s too dense or confusingly presented; think about how the assignment format might cause someone to react when they are trying to read it.

Specify format and standards for submission.

For a student to know what is expected of them, it’s important for the teacher to specify the format and standards for submission. If a common formatting standard is required, make sure that it is specified in your syllabus or other pre-assignment information so students can be clear from the get-go. Think about what kind of assignment you would like to receive. If there are multiple ways that an assignment can be completed (i.e., essay vs. book report), consider making this clear early on as well so students know if they should prepare for one type over another. Dissertation writing services can help you if you are a ph.d student and stuck on writing a wonderful dissertation paper.


You might feel things are not in control when it’s your time to write assignments or dissertations, but keep calm and know that it is going to be alright. Make a proper outline before you start. And add ideas accordingly to each point. You shall see how easily you would complete your assignment.