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Do you have to bend too much for doing your dishes? Is the sink taking up much space on the counter? Is the sink crowded after you do your dishes? These are signs which communicate to you that you have the wrong size of the sink. Getting the wrong sink size is nothing but a nuisance that increases the risk of dripping, broken dishes, messy counters, and chronic back pain. These problems result in costly repairs, medical bills, and replacement hassle. When you get the right sink size, it makes your work hassle-free and brings speed into the tasks.

Hence, you must contemplate a few vital areas before getting the sink for your kitchen. When you think of integrating a sink in the kitchen or remodeling the existing counter, there are a few areas to explore.  It is vital to consider the kitchen sink because that is the busiest area of the kitchen. You cannot commit any mistake when you start the task. Remember selecting an ideal sink will have an optimistic impact on your experience in the kitchen.

Standard sink size you must identify

When thinking of standard sink size, it has a lot to do with different factors. From the physical needs to your height and overall size of the kitchen, the list never ends. Apart from this, the cabinet size, counter size, design preference, and overall functionality also dictate the kitchen sink size. You might have to devote your time thinking of sink upgrades like water filters, spray faucets, new plumbing strainers and sink organizing accessories.

Although there are multiple additions, there is a standard sink size that will assist you in selecting the ideal sink for the kitchen. On average, customers who go for a single-bowl sink choose a 30-inch sink dimension. Experts believe that 22 to 27 inches of sink length are best for the modern kitchen. Length is a significant factor along with depth.

The kitchen sink must be at least 7 to 7.25 inches deep. If you go for shallow sinks, the dishes will pile up on the counter and sometimes reach the oven. If you have heavy dishes to clean, a kitchen sink of 8 inches depth is best. Anything less than 7 inches will not help you in the kitchen area.

When thinking of the size, consider the type of sink bowl you are taking. Whether you are going for a single-bowl sink or a double-bowl sink, it has a lot to do while revamping the area. The double-bowl sink comes with separate basins distinguished by marble, steel, or granite divider. The double-bowl sink needs more space that may go up to 48 inches. However, when you go for the single-bowl sink, it will take up as much as 33 inches of your counter space. You may also go for a 40 inches oversized single-bowl sink with maximum depth and more accommodation. Hence, the standard sink size has a lot to do with your preference and your functionality in the kitchen. You must adequately measure the kitchen along with the counter and evaluate your requirements when calculating the ideal size.

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Why buy a standard-sized sink?

Why purchasing a standard-sized sink works in favor of the homebuyers? Neck and back pain, drippy sinks, positive space, risk of damage are some of the many reasons why a standard sink size matters. It is crucial for the overall health and the well-being of the person working in the kitchen. If you go by real estate research, you will see that around 40% of home buyers need homes that do not require any renovation or remodeling. Hence, if the house has the wrong sink size, it interferes with the overall aesthetics and functionality of the space. If you have an integrated sink in the kitchen that is of the wrong size, it will only add to your health issues.

Other studies further reveal that homebuyers think of the kitchen as the most significant space in residence, and it is a crucial reason for upgrading the sink before selling the property. If you want your property to sell fast, you must be aware of the buyer’s expectations. A standard sink size with considerable counter space is ideal for the kitchen setup. Kitchen upgrades only add value to the residence and take your property to the next level.

Different styles of kitchen sink you cannot miss

Although every sink style is most common, they also come with a few challenges. The first one is the classic integrated style including various kitchen sinks. It comes with a seamless look and incorporates well in different kitchen styles. It is easy to rinse and maintain, and you will not have any grime sticking to the surface.

More than just cleaning your kitchen, your sink can also add value to the home if it is aesthetically appealing and fits the overall look of the area. There are different types of kitchen sinks that do the job, perhaps even high-tech, and adds beauty to your space.

Resizing is nothing but a hassle

Fetching a new sink is not a simple process. As mentioned earlier, you might have to undertake the total replacement of the kitchen counter for getting one integrated sink. Hence, getting a standard-size sink is best if you desire to keep the kitchen set up unhindered.

These days, integrated sinks are very much into fashion. After considering the requirements of the different households, manufacturers have come up with this attractive and highly resistant kitchen sink that is known for its longevity and durability. It is one of the best workstation sinks available, devoted to easy functioning and aesthetic appeal. These deep basins are ideal for soaking dishes and have several other benefits that you do not find in the classic kitchen sink style.

Top-mount and drop-in kitchen sink

Top-mount or drop-in kitchen sinks have seen an increase in their popularity in the last few years. These sinks are easy to replace and have several other paybacks. If you feel that your current sink has outgrown, you may have to go for a drop-in kitchen sink ideal for the setup. The kitchen counter will not require much remodeling except for a sinkhole if you go for this option. Since these things get installed from above, they do not require professional handling because they are simple. However, you may require professional countertop contractors to cut the new sinkhole. On the whole, you do not need any professional guidance.

Drop-in sinks come with visible rims, which require little maintenance as food debris gets stuck in them. However, the fitting does not loosen with time, only if you go for a proper installation expert. If you are unsure of a drop-in sink, you may try the undermount kitchen sinks. The undermount kitchen sink is best for those who require a deep sink size that does not have a rim.