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Instagram is one of the popular platforms of social media. Nowadays, you can find anyone across the globe on this platform. People are very active in it creating unique content. Additionally, the feature of creating reels on Instagram is one of the reasons why people are engaged on that platform.

Meanwhile, obtaining a “verified badge” is one of the critical factors in people’s involvement on the platform. An Instagram account can be verified to receive a blue checkmark badge informing other users that the individual, artist, or organization represented on the account owns the account. These badges aim to draw attention to legitimate accounts so that Instagram users may be sure they are following the appropriate person or business. They give off an air of authority and are simple to notice in search results and profiles.

Most likely, you have seen a lot of verification badges. The little blue checkmarks signify that the site has verified the account and is trustworthy. It also represents the real account as they are who they claim they are, just like Twitter, Facebook, and many more. As you attempt to demonstrate the notoriety of your brand, we have gathered all the most acceptable methods that will increase your chances of being verified.

Finish up your Instagram bio

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By including a well-written bio and a profile picture that accurately portrays your company, brand, or self, you can ensure that your profile is 100% comprehensive. For instance, you can include your business’s emblem in the profile photo and the tagline and URL of your firm in the bio.

You may obtain credibility with your audience and have more followers, engagement, and media attention if your profile can show your thorough and honest side through your account.

Create social media profiles

Developing a sizable following on other media can make your Instagram account seem more authentic. You need to use the advantage of other social platforms. To create a social profile, you can build up your following on other platforms and later promote your Instagram account. This will similarly work as a shoutout for your account.

Get Real Followers

You need engaged followers on Instagram to expand your brand, increase leads, and increase sales. But what differentiates followers from real followers is their trust and connection with your account. In simpler words, we can say that a real follower is someone who decides to engage with your profile by doing so. They work as a supporter who appreciates your work, a potential buyer looking to purchase on your page, or even close friends and relatives who are linked on the site.

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Don’t buy Verified Badge

You must always use the platform responsibly and avoid dubious strategies like buying followers, Instagram likes, comments, or badges. Similarly, you are going wrong if you think you can buy the badge, and no one will identify. You will be trapped in your plan within no time, and your account will be suspended.

However, by creating engaging and valuable content, you must try to increase the number of actual Instagram followers.

Cross-Platform Links Must Be Removed From Your Bio

According to Instagram’s policies, verified accounts cannot persuade people to follow or include other social media profiles in their bio, including Facebook or YouTube. You can still link to your website, landing page, and other web pages in your bio. Consider promoting other campaigns, user profiles, or websites via the Instagram link in your bio.

Avoid sharing cross-platform connections that advertise your other social media platforms to increase your chances of becoming verified on Instagram.

Additionally, connect to your Instagram profile from your company website, marketing emails, and any of your other social media profiles. Cross-platform connections on Instagram may seem hypocritical, but linking to your Instagram from other social media platforms verifies your ownership of the page.

Boost your searchability

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Social networking is all about unexpected, natural discovery; however, when it comes to verification, Instagram wants to know if people are interested in you enough to stop being seduced by the feed and impulsively typing your name into the search bar. Furthermore, being well-known and frequently ‘searched for is one of the essential criteria for obtaining Instagram verification. This shows that you need to be more active on the PR front and work to build your brand naturally.

Optimizing your posts using branded hashtags is another thing you can do to get verified more quickly. Consequently, you may appear in natural searches and on Instagram’s Explore tab. You have a significant chance of getting verified if your profile is more searchable.

Engage a publicist or agency

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Hire a credible digital agency with access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support capabilities if you have the funds and the ambition to do so. Through their gateway for the industry, your publicist or agency can submit requests to merge accounts, claim usernames, and verify accounts. However, a request made through the Media Partner Support page comes with greater weight and sets you apart from the competition.

Remember that the method described here is a reliable source of help with the process, as opposed to “buy” or “bot” tools that provide you false likes, engagement, or verification in exchange for money. A digital agency can increase your chances even if there is no assurance that your IG verification will succeed.


Instagram verification requires a lot of preparation and work, so be sure you have a compelling cause before you begin. Being verified, fortunately, has several advantages, from improved company credibility to a stronger social search presence.

Verification makes you stand out from the crowd and makes it simpler to connect with the individuals who mean the most to you. When implemented effectively, it raises your conversion rates and gives you more social media reputation. All you need to do is show that you deserve it.