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Pets are family members, so you want to ensure they are cared for at home. There are some pet-friendly house plans out there that incorporate all of your needs, whether you are building a new home or are in the process of remodeling.

Below is a list of the best American house plans for pet owners.

1. Consider a Safeguard Fence & Deck

This fence and deck combination offers pet owners a safe and secure enclosure for their pets while allowing them to enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time. The solid fence paneling is designed to provide a visual barrier for your pet and a physical deterrent to other animals that may be accessing the property from outside.

The fence is also designed to prevent digging by smaller animals and can withstand the elements, making it a durable option for years. Safeguard Fence & Deck creates a great safe space for your pet above the ground and offers a great outdoor experience for you and your furry friends.

2. Smart Pet Spaces

The plans also provide safety, comfort, and design elements that enable owners to make their houses suitable for their pets. In addition, these plans guide how to make the most of the available pet-friendly space, such as fencing materials, patio designs, and furniture suited for pets. Smart Pet Spaces gives pet owners peace of mind with their pet-friendly home-building plans.

3. Set Up the Mudroom

Mudrooms provide an organized space for all the necessary gear associated with having a pet, preventing mud and pet fur from being tracked throughout the home. It should have easy access from the home’s main entrance, as well as space to hang and store leashes, coats, and other pet supplies.

A built-in pet shower and designated drying shelf would be a bonus within the mudroom. This helps to ensure pets stay clean and dry. An American house plan designed with a mudroom is perfect for pet owners and furry companions.

4. Pamper Your Pets

It’s essential to ensure that the house plans allow for 20-30 minutes of thoughtful exercise daily for your pet. This means building an outdoor space suitable for running and playing. Additionally, build in an open-concept living and dining area to give your pet plenty of room to move about.

For added pampering, incorporate pet-friendly furniture with pet beds, scratch posts, and chew toys, and store away pet supplies in easily accessible areas. Your pet-friendly plans should reflect your pet’s unique needs and incorporate pet-friendly floorings and materials. You can create the perfect, pampered home for your pet with thoughtful planning.

5. Remodel an Extra Closet

Remodeling an extra closet can help create much-needed space for your pets. The idea is to maximize the pet’s space and comfort while minimizing the clutter or mess. This can be done by adding a floor-to-ceiling wire rack with shelves to store pet supplies, toys, and food.

If necessary, you can add a pet bed for extra comfort. All these ideas will help ensure that both pets and pet owners live in a comfortable, organized, and clean environment.

Understanding These American House Plans

The best American house plans for pet owners are explicitly designed for their pets. From customizing your home to accommodate the pet to making it safer and more comfortable, you can make your home the perfect sanctuary for your four-legged friends. Start by exploring the many American house plans for pet owners and find the best plan for you today!

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