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Children’s educational show Cocomelon became a sensation on YouTube and Netflix. Baby song videos are so popular that they’re on the heels of YouTube legend PewDiePie and the T-Series. And, judging by parents’ posts, the Cocomelon training videos are a real treasure for moms and dads and the passion of the little ones.

How Cocomelon broke into the tops of YouTube and Netflix, becoming an opponent of PewDiePie

Despite the fact that Cocomelon has existed for more than ten years, the brand began to gain great popularity not so long ago. According to Dexerto, his breakthrough happened in 2017-2019 – and since August 2018, the YouTube channel began to receive three million new subscribers every month.

On Netflix, children’s song videos have also become a sensation. Once on the streaming service, the show simply did not leave its rating of “10 most popular titles”. On December 14, Forbes noted that Coсomelon – Nursery Rhymes has been on the top of Netflix for more than 100 days in a row.

But the main platform for Cosomelon is still YouTube, where the channel ranks third in terms of the number of subscribers among all other hosting accounts. Children will definitely like a Cocomelon Birthday party! At, you will find balloons to make your party even more unforgettable. Let’s take a look at several party ideas.

Top party ideas: children will like it!

We have selected several party ideas with Cocomelon balloons: so they will not just make your party brighter but can also be used for games!

Stepping on balloons

You will need to place a balloon on each child’s foot to tie it, you can use a wool thread, and it won’t hurt. When they are all ready, they have to stand in the center of the room, where you have already made room for them to move and dance. Turn on the music and let everyone start dancing. The game consists of trying to step on balloons of other children, protecting and preventing them from stepping on you. The child who manages to protect his balloon and the others who fail to blow it up will win.

Who is greedy?

A lot of balls are scattered across the floor. The task of the game participants is to collect and hold as many balls as possible without auxiliary means. You can hold the assembled with your hands, clamping it with your elbows or legs. The winner will be the one who collects the most balls.

Darts with balloons

Take a few balloons and a large sheet or a board. Fix the balls (by attaching the ends with adhesive tape to the board). Children line up in front of the board or a wall with fixed balls. Let everyone throw darts at the balloons. Each balloon burst during the throw gives one point. You can try throwing pencils or pens at the balls.

“Сatch the ball” dance

Gather the children, turn on the music to which they are willing to dance, give them a balloon, and let the players pass it to each other while the music plays.

When the music stops, the player holding the ball must say the name of any other player and throw the ball into the air. The player whose name is called must catch the ball before the ball hits the floor. If he loses and fails to catch the ball, he is out of the game. The game continues for several rounds until only one player remains – he wins.

Balloon collectors

Inflate a lot of balloons and place them on the floor; you don’t need to leave strings on them; let them only have tails. Set a timer for one minute (you can just count out loud together).

Send the first player to a pile of balls so that he tries to collect as many balls as possible in one walk, and let him carry them to the agreed place. When the time is up, count how many balls the player was able to carry. Fallen on the road or burst balloons do not count.