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The age of 2020 is fully Sophisticated and ultra-modern. Nowadays the laser printer is a part and parcel of home, office, business even school college, and university. At present, a laser printer is the most usable printing machine in the world cost-efficient printing. It will so suitable for a new office and small to mid-level business use. The laser printer has been providing the best text qualities, class-leading printing speed, and the cheapest printing cost on a per-page basis.

There are so many different types of laser printers has been available on the market today. If you want to buy a laser printer first time for your purposes then you must know some things to consider before buying a printer.

Printer buying guide

Printer buying guide

Black and White or Color Printer?

The first thing to consider before buying a laser printer is what types of documents do you want to print and what types of a laser printer is the suit you best. If you have to need print only the black and white documents like invoice, result sheet, and more monochrome documents then the B & W laser printers will be the perfect choice for you. The big advantage of a black and white laser printer is can be providing a hurry printing speed than any other printer.

On the opposite hand, if you have to need to print on clear sharp text documents with high-resolution images then you should automatically choose the color laser printer. The color laser printer printing speed is slower than the black and white laser printer.

Multifunction or Single Function

Multifunction means which can be delivering print, copy, scan, PC fax, and fax from a single machine. So, if you have to need sending and receiving a fax, scanning documents, and also need to make copies then you should select a multifunction laser printer. Otherwise, you can buy a single function laser printer that can be providing the printing service only with the class-leading printing speed.

The Paper Handling System

In General, most of the laser printer can handle the A4 size paper so may need to find out the specific laser printer machine which can enable us to print documents on A4, A3 size paper. If you want printing on envelopes and more-heavier paper then the printer has to need multi-purpose trays, so you need to check the machine’s spec and see the right weight of the paper.  Normally, a busy office has to need huge paper in the printer at all times so you need to look for a printer that has available standard trays at up to 250 sheets. Besides this paper handling characteristics, you should also check the duplex printing ability of the printer to print on both sides of the pages.

Network Connectivity:

It’s a massive concept about laser printers. Because a laser printer has offered a multiple network connectivity system. All of the laser printer or another type of printer has been including the standard USB network connectivity. If you want to use a laser printer for an office environment you can use the most usable Ethernet connectivity. The Ethernet network connectivity will be started working by using the plug-in to the router network and this will share among the whole staff in the office. Just you need to require all the computer access by installing the printer’s driver.

If you want to set up the wireless connectivity on your printer, you may need to use up to 802.11 B/G/N specifications. The Advantage of wireless connectivity systems is can be printed from the mobile device wirelessly. Some of the laser printers have been available NFC technology and it will be working with a Wi-Fi connection. You may need to sure that the printers must have to need access capability of Apple devices, Android devices, or even Windows Phone.

The Duty Cycle:

It will also one of the most important things before buying a laser printer.  Things of all, you may need to know what is the duty cycle. The duty cycle means that the number of prints counts that the printer is rated as being able to print every month. The mid-level laser printer has available one thousand to five thousand per month. The top-rated laser printer will be providing ten thousand plus pages per month. So, you should decide to buy a laser printer as your necessity.


A laser printer is one of the most important parts for any kind of office and business use. So, it’s a very crucial thing to decide to buy a laser printer. Before Buying a laser printer you should have been following the whole steps that we have been describing above. If you will follow all instructions we think then you may find out a laser printer for your personal use.