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Owning a horse, whether as a breeder or hobbyist, can bring unbridled joy. It might be a family pet that offers rides to those of all ages creating hours of fun in the countryside. Others might race or enjoy equestrian sports, again providing much enjoyment, especially if it becomes successful.

It must cross the minds of owners as the horse begins to age, that they wish that they had another one just like it. Well, the good news is that it is possible when contacting professionals in horse cloning who are at the forefront of equine innovation using in-house expertise that spearheads global advances in cloning as well as assisted reproductive technology. Here are 5 reasons why it can be an attractive proposition to the owner of a horse.

  1. It has become more prevalent since the turn of the millennium, and advancements in technology make it safe and often a sound commercial investment. Bloodlines can be continued when preserving the valuable genetics of a horse even if it is no longer capable of natural reproduction. The same capabilities and physical attributes will be preserved in what effect will be a twin of the horse that is cloned.
  2. Sometimes an accident or illness can prevent a horse from breeding, which can be devastating for horse and owner alike, especially if they have a champion on their hands. The potential can be resurrected through cloning whether the offspring will break records on the track or provide the same characteristics of a much-loved pet. Outdoor fun might also include the use of one of the best electric mountain bikes.
  3. Those who want their horses to perform better than the rest in sporting competition can gain an advantage through cloning, as breeders can create strategies to ensure that they fine-tune the genetic attributes by preserving prowess. Sometimes an owner finds themselves with a talented colt but with a tendency to misbehave. Gelding often sorts out the issue but are at a loss to its reproductive capabilities. However, cloning eradicates such issues.
  4. Using the best cloning techniques opens a huge opportunity of creating a sales strategy, as a horse of the highest quality can be copied and then sold, often for large sums. An extra cloned horse can be kept so that the process can be continually repeated. Imagine if the owners of Phar Lap had been presented with such potential to earn huge money. Maybe one of the horses may feature at a local show over the next year.
  5. Aging stallions and mares can still be of use in continuing the bloodline without any fear of not having viable eggs or reduced sperm. Such biological limitations are overcome as the genetics are used to create a new foal that will follow in the footsteps of those that it has been cloned from.

Horse cloning is the perfect and safe way to create a twin of a loved family pet or a champion in competition so that the successful bloodline continues to flourish.