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Technology is a great option for education, but on the other hand, it also has disadvantages. Students can use it for a variety of purposes, and there is no doubt that technology is the best source for everything we do from a distance. The problem is that cell phones are exactly the tools we need to bring to school.

In today’s world of technology, we do everything with technology; our education is also possible today because the technology exists while the pandemic shuts everything down. The online world is still alive because we can do everything remotely, which is important in such critical times. With the increased reliance on technology in education, it has become essential for students to develop strong writing and research skills. Custom Writing can be a valuable resource for education, particularly for students looking to enhance their learning skills. These skills are crucial, not only for academic success but also for navigating the digital landscape effectively.

Why should cellphones be banned in school?

This is why teachers and parents often argue about the importance of carrying cell phones in school. On the other hand, smartphones help us as a connection. Parents can easily find out about their children if they bring cellphones to school, but they can also communicate with teachers to find out information about their children.

The best dissertation writing services claim that it is impossible to continue learning at a distance without some kind of device. However, parents often complain that their children are playing or chatting on their devices instead of studying. Here are five reasons why cell phones should be banned from schools.

Qualifications and knowledge

There are many factors related to a student’s grades and performance. Among many, one of them is attention or focus on learning. A buzzing phone on the study table will not allow students to concentrate on the lesson they are studying. A recent development from the catholic schools in Townsville was to enforce a “phone off” policy during school hours to cut down on these distractions.

Technology will always get your attention no matter what you are doing because it is a wonderful thing to experience. There are ways to use technology while studying; you can take advantage of any academic help assignment writing service, buy narrative essay online and improve your grades.

These essay services are designed for students to improve their grades and academic performance, not lower them. However, it is designed for one-time use only, after which you can continue with your notes and books.

When you are in class and your teacher is explaining something to you, it is very important that you take notes and understand the lesson to help you with homework, assignments, and exams.

However, if you bring your phone to school and use it constantly during class, you will easily miss important points that the teacher is explaining. This will lead to low grades and poorer grades. So why not focus for a while and study attentively without being distracted by anything else?

This can only happen if you don’t bring your phones to school. Another reason for banning cell phones is cheating, which becomes easier when students have cell phones in their hands. They can easily find the answers on the Internet, and it will affect their knowledge.

They will use such forms to take tests and will not study at all. Depending on the knowledge, this is the best thing you can do for a student instead of cheating on the phone.

Zero distractions

It’s not just children or students who find it difficult to put their smartphones or another device aside and attend to their studies. Adults are also addicted to these devices, which is a fact because we are constantly on our cell phones.

People are so addicted that we often spend our time sitting and using our phones like children. We don’t even realize how much time we waste using our phones. It’s hard for people to work and make the extra effort to focus when we have our phones around us.

The same is true for students, so when students bring their cell phones, it’s a distraction. Banning phones in school is more helpful for younger children who can’t stop playing on their phones.


The age of children exposed to cyberbullying in school is between fourteen and eighteen. According to research, students in this age group are more likely to experience cyberbullying than others. Teens share different types of data with visual aids. Therefore, they often overreact and make fun of their classmates or themselves.

Sometimes a small and innocent joke can escalate into something that leads to cyberbullying, and then kids commit suicide because of the pressure of cyberbullying. A dangerous problem is becoming more and more common these days because of the use of technology. Most cyberbullying happens among teenagers in schools, and the reason could be anything.

Cyberbullying also creates a lot of problems for parents, for example, if their child is guilty of cybercrime, the parents have to pay a thousand dollars or the child will be in jail for a year.

The habit of life

School is not just for education; it includes other relevant activities that develop students’ skills. By bringing smartphones to school, students can take away the habit of improving skills through activities.

Students can engage in sports, drawing, music, and other activities that promote school skills. However, if they are constantly using their smartphones at school, they will never participate in these activities. Therefore, banning cell phone use at school is the best option for building healthy habits.


Socialization is very important in our lives, and we do and learn more about it in schools. However, if a student is constantly chatting, how will they learn to socialize? The answer is that they will struggle to create the habit of socializing.

Communicating in schools helps students develop their communication skills so they can do a better job. Students who learn to communicate rather than chat do not fall for social media scammers. Therefore, banning smartphones in school is the best decision for everyone.