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Tennessee is a beautiful and diverse state, with cities and towns providing various activities for the whole family. A staggering 141 million people visited Tennessee in 2022, with many visiting the Nashville area and places like the Madison community. If you have plans to visit the Volunteer State, it’s worthwhile to explore the fun and memorable things to do during your stay.

The area is filled with outdoor activities and savory chain restaurants to refuel at after your family adventures. If you’re sold on visiting Tennessee for your next vacation, it’s best to begin planning.

Luckily, you’ve come to this handy resource to learn the top five things to do in Madison. Continue reading to make lasting memories today!

1. Cedar Hill Park

Cedar Hill Park is one of the first places to visit when you come to the Madison community. It’s a park with peaceful spaces to play with your family or cozy up on a blanket or bench with a good book.

The park provides a playground for children to enjoy and a disc golf course to allow you to try a new sport. Explore the walking paths to enjoy more outdoor activities while exercising on your vacation.

2. Amqui Station and Visitors Center

The Amqui Station and Visitors Center is another place to stop when spending time in Madison during your next Tennessee vacation. The station is a historic site, and the name is a Cherokee word meaning “parting of ways.”

The station gained more fame and prominence when Johnny Cash stepped in to save it and relocate it to a safe space. It’s worth a visit during your time in suburban Tennessee.

3. Larry’s Grand Ole Garage

Larry’s is a bluegrass park made from a residential garage, and it’s a famous spot to visit and listen to up-and-coming local artists perform with your family. It’s an excellent place to take in Tennessee music and culture after visiting The Briarville Apartments. Anticipate authentic bluegrass culture and music during your time at the unique venue.

4. Opryland Hotel Gardens

If nature and plant life are your passions, visiting the Opryland Hotel Gardens should be on the cards during your time in the Madison community. The gardens sprawl over 9 acres, and you don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to explore and enjoy the sites.

5. Rockland Recreation Area

Rockland Recreation Area is an outdoor space nearby for fun activities your family will love. Wooded walking paths, fishing and swimming areas, and playgrounds are prevalent in this park. Consider moving to the area for the affordable rent, access to nature, and low cost of living.

Visit the Madison Community Today

Planning a vacation to Tennessee is an outstanding way to enjoy bluegrass and country music while enjoying quality time through outdoor activities with your family. Cedar Hill Park is an excellent outdoor space to visit, and Larry’s Grand Ole Garage is a unique music experience for the whole family. Check out the Opryland Hotel Gardens after a meal at local chain restaurants.

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