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Landscaping companies can be profitable as many Montana residents rely on them to maintain their lawns. However, the landscaping market can be competitive, and earnings often depend on a crew’s availability and tools. Rather than trying to fill your company’s schedule with more tasks, you might consider offering more in-depth services that customers are willing to pay more for. Use this guide to review a few tools every Montana landscaping company needs in their arsenal to level up.

Low-Effort Lawnmower

Push mowers require much more time and effort, meaning you can expect your crews to spend more time on each job. A low-effort lawnmower is one of the first things every landscaping company should invest in. Walk-behind or rider mowers cut the grass faster and require less physical labor. Zero-turn lawn mowers offer a zero-turn radius that speeds up the time it takes to cut a larger lawn.

Lawn mower attachments can also help your crew complete other jobs, which may bring in more revenue. A tow-behind sleeve hitch lets you rake up leaves and other debris while mowing. A dirt and gravel carrier is useful for laying new groundwork. Other lawn mower attachments to consider include a bagger or trimmer. Maximizing your profits as a landscaping company is all about efficiency, and lawn mower attachments are a great way to conduct two jobs simultaneously.

Leaf Blower

Despite their name, leaf blowers do more than blow leaves. While a leaf blower is certainly useful when blowing leaves in the fall months, it can also help remove cut blades of grass from the home’s walkways. Property owners are constantly looking for reasons to justify paying a professional company to maintain their lawns, and a polished finished project is one of these. Blowing grass and other debris back into the grass leaves results in a finished project that makes clients proud of their yards.

Wearable leaf blowers are popular in landscaping because they give users more control and a better result. Your crew can complete the finishing job in minutes, which is a huge time-saver.


Before focusing on better quality equipment, you may need to upgrade your work crew’s fleet of trucks. While a basic truck can usually handle a small push-behind lawn mower and a few leaf blowers or trimmers, you may need something larger for hardscaping equipment. Some landscaping companies today rely on electric trucks, which can reduce fuel costs and help cut down on maintenance costs.

Towing may be an important consideration when choosing your landscaping truck. You’ll likely need a trailer to carry any lawnmowers or other landscaping equipment you use. It’s especially important to pay attention to the truck’s tow limits. Some landscaping equipment, including post drivers or concrete breakers, may be heavier than usual. If you plan to buy either of these landscaping tools, you may need a heavy-duty truck with higher towing limits. Today, trucks have many useful features, like side steps and retractable truck bed doors.

Post Driver

One of the best ways to make your landscaping company stand out is to offer services others in the area don’t. Not all landscaping companies offer services beyond that of maintaining the lawn. Adding certain services to your offerings can earn even more revenue. A skid steer post driver uses hydraulic pressure to push fence posts into the ground faster. This allows your crew to install fences for privacy or other landscaping designs.

Adding services to your crew’s availability can cut into their schedule availability. However, you can speed up this money-making task by equipping them with better equipment, like post drivers. Post drivers also help manage the physical labor requirements that come with installing new fence posts. Lowering the physical requirements of the job means you can expand your hiring efforts, ensuring you always have enough crew to handle customer demand.

Concrete Breaker

A concrete breaker tool allows your landscaping crew to break up concrete blocks for excavation more efficiently. Concrete breakers can be used with concrete rocks, brick, and asphalt materials. While a jackhammer may work for some landscaping projects, a concrete breaker is better suited for larger-scale jobs. Concrete breakers are available in either fuel or electricity-powered, so you have a wide range of options depending on your company’s needs.

Offering new services is the best way to level up your landscaping company. Before you sell fence installation or hardscaping services, you’ll need to expand your equipment so your crew has the necessary tools. A better lawn mower and wearable leaf blower are a few equipment types to consider. A post driver and concrete breaker can also be a good investment, allowing your crews to complete jobs that generate more revenue.