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Canberra has so many hidden gems that you will never get enough of. But since most tourists concentrate more on the big, shiny places, they often miss out on the tiny little things. I don’t want you to be one of them, so I have compiled a list of things you absolutely must do when you’re in Canberra.

1. Take a tour of the parliament house

To embrace the feeling of nationalism, taking a tour of the old parliament house is mandatory. You will be pleasantly surprised to witness such wonderful sunset views from this place. In addition, the tour of the house will help you understand Australia’s political system.

The old parliament house has now been converted into the museum of Australian democracy. The fee for visiting this house is 2$. It will allow you to look into former ministers’ cabins.

The new parliament house was designed by Mitchell and Thorp architects. You can visit the galleries of the green-hued House of Representatives, and the Senate, which is located on the first floor of the new parliament house. You will learn about different parliamentary functions and important architectural details there.

2. Meet with some furry friends

Canberra is the only place in Australia where you can find terrestrial and aquatic animals together in the National Zoo and Aquarium.

Take part in Zooventure tours to make your day more exciting. For example, you will get 2 hours to feed giraffes, and bears can watch rhinos and snow leopards closely, etc.

But all these will cost you one hundred and twenty-five dollars. If you want an intense experience, book a luxury safari lodge or Jamala wildlife lodge. Here you will receive exclusive deluxe accommodation and special safaris for three nights in unknown parts of the forest.

3. Find your new self in the fresh breeze of the National Botanic Gardens

The 50 acres of large National Botanic Garden will not fail to mesmerize you. You will find different plants, trees, and, most importantly, wildflowers. The variety will make you spellbound.

You can take a long walk or host a picnic with the family in the garden. Kids will love the wild beauty of nature. Don’t forget to check the RainForest Gully, Red Center Garden, and Children’s discovery walks to observe birds, butterflies, and water dragons. Then, to experience the birds-eye view of Canberra, trek to the summit through the Black Mountain Nature Park.

The entry is free, but you need to pay for parking.

4. Shop for friends and family

While visiting another place, shopping is a must. We all love to surprise our family members and friends with small gifts. So visit Bus depot markets to buy handmade crafts and souvenirs.

If you want to understand more about local fruits and vegetables, go to the Capital Region Farmers Markets.

5. Fulfill your dream of flying

Yes, you heard it right. You can fly a jet plane in a safe virtual environment. Like any other virtual stimulator, this will feel real when you are in it.

More than twenty-one thousand airports are available to land in. You have to control the plane in various weather conditions, like on a stormy night or clear sky.

6. Check out the incredible artificial lake

Lake Burley Griffin was made in the 1960s. All the landmarks of Canberra are visible from the lake shores. If you want to experience the scenic beauty of the city, take a ride on a cruise.

You will find multiple cruises on the lake. Each of them offers dining options, tour guides, and aesthetic ambiance.

7. Learn about Australian coins from the Royal Australian Mint

The Royal Australian Mint provides lots of information about the rich history of Australian coins. You can educate yourself about coin manufacture and the heritage of the coin through various multimedia like images, videos, etc. Discover the rarest and most precious Australian coins in the museum.

You can even mint your own $1 coin. Titan will help you to do that. It is a coin-making robot. Free tours are available from 11 am to 2 pm from Monday to Friday.

8. Experience the sky in a hot air balloon

You can participate in the Canberra Balloon Spectacular event to enjoy the clouds. It features many hot air balloons of different shapes and colors. But it only happens annually, so confirm the date with your guide.

This experience is absolutely majestic with a partner by your side.

Over to you…

Apart from the places mentioned above, you can also stroll in Jerrabomberra wetlands, observe glassworks and visit Canberra Railway Museum to make your trip exciting.