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When you go abroad, it is usually for at least one month and prior to leaving, there are a lot of things you need to do. Leaving your home empty for a month demands top security, with window and door steel screens; if you have CCTV and an Internet connection, you can view your home in real time, which is sure to bring you peace of mind.

Car storage

It would cost a fortune to leave the car at the airport; better to use local prestige car storage to ensure that your car is safe. Car thieves are smart and a nice Audi 8 would be very noticeable sitting on the driveway. Don’t take a chance, especially if you have a prestige vehicle.

Turn off utilities

If you are away from home for a few weeks, you should turn off the water and possibly the electricity, unless you have food in the freezer, in which case, walk around the house and pull all non-essential plugs, rather than leaving appliances on standby. If you have good neighbours, ask them to keep an eye on your home while you’re away. Bring a few souvenirs back with you for your neighbours.

Passport & visa

Of course, you can’t leave Australia without a valid passport, plus you probably need a visa for your destination. Buy a cheap travel bag online that you can wear under your jacket and keep all your valuables safe. Here are a few cool tips for choosing a Honda dealership.

What to pack?

Of course, it all depends on your destination; most people take more luggage than they need. Create a list and remove the non-essentials; you can buy cheap shorts and T-shirts at your destination and leave some space for souvenirs!

Home security

Some homeowners are worried about leaving their homes empty for a few weeks; you could inform the local police that you are going abroad and ask them to drive by a few times. Many homeowners do this for some added peace of mind and we now have the tech that enables you to see your home from any location.

Do some online research

The more you know about your destination, the richer your experience will be; the Internet is like having the world’s library at your fingertips, we have never had such access to information and whether you are heading to Peru, the south of Thailand, or Costa Rica, you can learn about the customs and culture with a few clicks of the mouse. Find an article on the dos and don’ts of your target country and learn a few phrases, which warm the locals and you can plan your holiday in some detail before you arrive.

It sure is an exciting time when you are preparing to jet off to the sun and we hope the information in this article helps you to prepare for what is sure to be a holiday to remember!