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Actress Lisaa Robin was a famous figure who always made headlines for her addiction to drug and substance use. Although Lisa’s marriage to Robert Joseph was short-lived, many fans of the actress are still interested in Joseph’s whereabouts.

Joseph is believed to have been born in 1951, and he met his late wife in North Carolina. It is not clear how the two met, but Joseph worked as a retired drug counselor, and he possibly met Lisa when she was seeking help for her drug abuse problem.

Robert’s Meeting with Lisa Robin

Lisa Robin is a famous actress best known for featuring in the 70s Show. Robert entered Lisa’s life in early 2012 when the actress was battling drug and substance use. Although the couple entered into marriage, the relationship was faced with a lot of difficulties, and they filed for divorce before the actress died.

It is unclear how the two met, but considering that Robert was a retired drug counselor and Lisa had a problem with drug abuse, they possibly met when Robert was helping Lisa deal with the drug abuse problem.

Before their meeting, Lisa made headlines because of drug problems. Some media reports that Robert provided care and attention to Lisa, who at that time was battling with drugs, homeless, and living in her car.

Having worked as a drug counselor, Robert may have been the reason the actress was able to deal with her demons. At their meeting, Robert was 61, while Lisa was 42. Despite the age gap, the couple fell in love and shared a sweet bond before things turned sour.

Robert’s Family

Robert was married to Lisa for only a year before they started having battles. The couple did not share any children due to the many fights and hostilities surrounding their relationship.

Robert’s details before he met Lisa are unknown, and it is difficult to tell if he ever had children. On the other hand, Lisa revealed that she had a baby, although the baby died, resulting in the drug problems that Lisa was encountering.

Why Was Robert’s Marriage to Lisa Short Lived?

Robert’s marriage to Lisa was barely a year. The couple had several marital issues that led to arrests, assault charges, and vicious fights. The relationship was so chaotic that the actress filed for divorce less than a year after they exchanged vows.

Robert and Lisa told different stories about what led to the divorce, and it was tough to know what transpired. According to Lisa, Robert wanted her to withdraw all her money and give it to him, but when she refused, he threatened to attack and shoot her. Lisa tried calling the police, but Gilliam snatched her phone, and her neighbor helped her. Gilliam was arrested.

Robert, on the other hand, revealed that he had given his wife a request to get treatment or he would leave the marriage. After several arrests, the couple separated, and they were in the process of getting a divorce when Lisa died.