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Want to make money as a narrator? Have you heard of and worried if the website is authentic or not? Read this article to know the legitimacy of the website.

Are you looking for ways to make extra income? Do you want to work as a narrator? Here is a website that you can use to make money working from home. provides freelancers an excellent opportunity to narrate various books and make some extra bucks.

The website is popular in the United States, and people want to be a part of it but are worried about its authenticity. Hence, we bring a detailed review of to help our readers understand if the website is legit or not.

What is is an online platform that allows freelance narrators to get some work without any experience. The website is owned by Amazon Audible and provides work opportunities for narrators to convert books into audiobooks and earn money.

It is a reliable option for narrators who don’t have experience. The website is available for the people of the United States, and the signing up process is free of cost, allowing users to start auditioning without spending anything. Let’s check more details about the website:

How will you be paid?

The website offers three payment methods when you work as a narrator:

  • Per finished hour: It is a flat-rate payment for the whole book.
  • Royalty share: You will get half the rights of the books you complete from the author or the rights holder.
  • Royalty shares plus: This payment is an amalgamation of royalty share and per-finished-hour.

To start earning with, you need to sign up on the website, get the right equipment, set them up at a quiet, peaceful place, and create sample audios. Reviews

In our research of, we found that the website is about 28 years old and was launched in 1994. The website is authentic and very popular among the people of the United States. However, the reviews of the website are disappointing, and the users are advised to explore the reviews further before signing up on the website.

User Reviews

The website has mixed reviews from the users, and several people have shared their disappointments as their audiobooks are rejected after they have invested so much time into them. Also, the terms and conditions of the contract don’t support the users but the book authors. However, we found that many people are successfully earning money from the website.

Final Verdict

In our thorough research on the website, we found that the website is about 28 years old and has over 1800 books listed on it. Also, the website offers a great opportunity for freelance narrators to work and earn money by taking audiobook projects.

Apart from many positive reviews from happy users, there are negative reviews that complain about the biased terms and conditions of the contract and rejection of the work after completion. Hence, we suggest our readers do their own research and check all the reviews before accepting a project on the website.

Have you used If yes, share your experience working with the platform in the comment section.