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Frank is a news blog that provides the audience with viral news about the United States. If you have heard of the frank website, you may have many questions in your mind, such as who owns the website? What is the news blog website about? What was the event Cyber Symposium about and why was it viral?

Are you looking for answers to these questions? If yes, you are at the right place. Let’s read the review on Frank, the booming news blog in the United States and its viral event, to find the answers to all your questions.

About Frank

Frank is a website that represents ‘The Voice of Free Speech.’ This news website is operated solely by the CEO of ‘My Pillow,’ Mr. Mike Lindell. Apart from being the CEO of the brand, he is a notable face in the United States and Canada as a supporter of the former US president. The news platform has been in the headlines of some leading United States news platforms after the owner and CEO Mike Lindell made a few viral announcements.

About the announcement

As per the viral news, Mike Lindell made a recent announcement that his event Cyber Symposium would be delayed as he became the victim of a cyberattack. According to the reports, the CEO of ‘My Pillow’ announced to the live audience in South Dakota that a cyberattack had attacked the technology that he intended to use for the Cyber Symposium event.

In his speech, he also added that his voice should be spread around as cyber attackers have blocked his technology. He added that the cyberattack was the worst cover-up in history.

About the Cyber Symposium Event by Frank

According to Mike Lindell, the event Cyber Symposium was scheduled to highlight the conspiracy theory about the United States elections in 2020. According to the theory, the 2020 elections were stolen from the former President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Reports unveiled that the event was scheduled to start on 10 August 2021 and intended to stream live for 72 hours continuously on the Frank news platform. Mike also offered a huge sale on ‘My Pillow’ products to promote the event.

In his Cyber Symposium, Mike planned to provide clear evidence that China stole the US elections in 2020 by hacking the electoral system to defeat former President Donald Trump. He also claimed that the United States court would unanimously overturn the election results after watching the evidence.


So, here is everything you should know about Frank and its viral news about the event Cyber Symposium. Mike Lindell also reported that it is not clear if his platform Frank was the only victim of the cyberattack or if it affected other websites, too. Also, there were no further reports regarding the rescheduling of the event.

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