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Who Is Adam Schiff?

Adam Schiff is an American lawyer and politician who has a net worth of $3 million. He is a member of the democratic party and has served as the US representative for the 28th congressional district in California since 2013. Serving since 2001, he is currently in his 10th term as a congressman.

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Adam Schiff
Full Name: Adam Bennett Schiff
Gender: Male
Birth Date: June 22, 1960
Birth Place: Framingham, Massachusetts, US
Age: 60
Height: 1.6m
Weight: Unknown
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Eve Sanderson
Children: Elijah Harris Schiff and Alexa Marion Schiff
Profession: American lawyer and politician
Net Worth: $3 million

Early Life

Adam Bennett Schiff was born on June 22, 1960, in Framingham, Massachusetts, to parents Edward Schiff and Sherrill Ann Glovsky-Schiff. His family is of Jewish descent who moved to Scottsdale in 1970 and then to Alamo two years after. In 1978, he finished his studies at the Monte Vista High School. He was a hardworking and diligent student and was the valedictorian of his class. His classmates also considered him as one to most likely succeed in the future.

In 1982, he finished a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and in 1985, received a Juris Doctor from Harvard University.

Personal Life

Adam Schiff has a wife named Eve and together, they have two children, Elijah and Alexa. He is known to follow veganism. Schiff was a participant of various endurance challenges, such as marathons and triathlons. He was the only congressman who participated in the Washington DC triathlon held in 2010. He has also participated in other places, including Malibu, Philadelphia, and New York City.

In 2014, he was the first Congress member to take part in the AIDS/Life Cycle, a charity bike ride that lasted for seven days. The charity aimed to raise more funding and awareness against AIDS and HIV.

Adam Schiff Net Worth

Political Career

After completing law school, Schiff worked as a law clerk for one year. In 1987, he became the Assistant U.S. Attorney and kept his job there until 1993. During his work there, he caught the eye of the public after prosecuting the case of Richard Miller, who was convicted of being a spy for the Soviet Union. The result of the first trial was hung jury, while the second concluded to conviction. After the third trial, Richard Miller was convicted.

Schiff ran for candidacy for the 43rd district seat in the California State Assembly in 1994. However, he lost to James E. Rogan, a Republican nominee. Later in November, he lost again to Rogan.

In 1996, Schiff tasted victory and was elected in the 21st State Senate District of California. He is also well-remembered for his support for the intervention in Yemen in 2016. He is also responsible for the bipartisan legislation to dismiss the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Terrorists.

It can also be remembered that he was in favor of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. However, in 2015, he admitted to regretting the decision after he was asked during the discussion of the country’s plans against ISIS.

In 2014, Adam Schiff was appointed by Nancy Pelosi to the House Select Committee on Benghazi. He participated in the investigation by the House of Permanent Select Committee on Intelligent into the Benghazi attacks.

In 2006, he founded the Congressional Caucus for Freedom of the Press, which aims at promoting press freedom worldwide. It proposed the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act, which was introduced originally by Senator Christopher Dodd and Representative Mike Pence. The act was in response to the killing of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan by terrorists.

Since he is the chairman of the intelligent committee, Schiff is a lead investigator in the impeachment against the US President, Donald Trump. In January 2020, he was appointed as the lead impeachment manager by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Adam Schiff Awards and Achievements

Schiff did not receive any awards during his career but did garner a lot of achievements. Some of them are:

  • Vice-Chairman of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus
  • Co-Founder of the Congressional Caucus for Freedom of the Press
  • Co-Founder of the Democratic Study Group on National Security
  • Co-Chairman of the Congressional Internation Anti-Piracy Caucus
  • Conviction of Richard Miller, a spy for the Soviet Union

Adam Schiff Total Net Worth

To date, Adam Schiff has a net worth of at least $3 million. It is believed that his annual salary is $174,000. He is a hardworking and dedicated man, pursuing a career in law right after he graduated. He owns various assets, including houses and vehicles. Furthermore, he has been a politician for so many years now, which greatly contributes to his growing wealth